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How Loud, Satanic Heavy Metal Music and Good Old Gangsta Rap Hold the Key to Online Marketing Succes

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(Introducing three simple success ingredients of highly successful online marketers.)

Picture this: You have been selected as one out of millions of potential and intensely competitive contestants (by an extremely elite and very well respected panel) for an exclusive interview to potentially be viewed by millions on CNN!

You can hardly believe it! Because you know only too well what the odds are of this type of thing happening!

So your big day finally arrives! And of course you have told all your friends, family, neighbors and casual aquaintenances about the big day!

The cameras are all set up; the director waves her hand in order to signal the far right cameraperson to zoom in closer. Then while simultaneously talking into her headset, she motions to you with her other free hand to stare directly into the camera and watch the blinking red light!

This is it! She uses her fingers to count down the final few seconds.

Four, three, two, one. Launch! She motions to the blinking red light and signals you to begin speaking. You're finally on the air! You can no longer contain your excitement and a smile takes over your face!

You quickly adjust your mike and steady yourself; and just as you are about to speak, out of the corner of your eye you suddenly realize that something is going terribly wrong! The director quickly removes her headset and yells cut!

What! You look around in amazement! What is going on here? You didn't even get a chance to speak yet!

Now they are motioning you to please get off the set ASAP!

As you're being led away you stare into the director's eyes, desperately searching for some sort of clue! But she's busy setting up for the next take!

Friend: If this true-to-life actual everyday occurrence seems totally far-fetched and totally unbelievable, rest assured it is not!

Welcome to the real world of successful online marketing! Huh? Lest you forget, you have exactly six seconds or less to convince your online websurfer (your snooty panelist) to stick around!

Which means your landing/squeeze page and or index/default page (formerly known as) your homepage had better quickly answer the big burning question that every online web visitor wants/demands to know!

What's in it for me? And you better be able to do it in six measly seconds or less! Otherwise just like the aspiring TV personality in that last tragic example, you're toast!!

Talk about mission impossible! Now then, picture this: You and a friend stop into your favorite upscale deli in order to catch up and grab a bite for lunch. Unbeknownst to you the new owners have added a few new wrinkles to the place.

Let's see what you think of them?

For one thing they are blaring extremely loud and totally unbearable "Satanic" heavy metal music and good old hard-core gangsta rap! What! You and your friend (and practically everybody else) are so out of there, right?

What, if anything, does this odd scenario have to do with your future online marketing success, you ask?

Simply this! Visually online, loud unconventional colors, such as dark green with black text or vice versa or loud glowing orange, etc., is to your eyes what offline, extremely loud and colorful music is to your ears! It's annoying! Don't do it!

Certain colors online are statistically proven to be very hard on your elite panelists' (web visitors') eyes and they will not stick around to read your text! (How dare you!)

So instead of six seconds, you'll have about three seconds to do the impossible! Translated: You will starve!

Remember your laser-targeted headline must grab your absolute best prospects by the eyes and compel them (by showering them with benefits) to read on and on . . .

And you cannot accomplish that if your site's visuals or navigation structure is just too techie! Everything needs to be very first-time visitor user friendly, from their point of view! Not yours!

In conclusion. While there may obviously be a place for loud colors and fancy fonts, online is not the place for it, unless you wish to continue to repel instead of attracting your elite and oh so impatient web visitors!

Mark Newsome (a.k.a.) Mr. Marketing is a small business instant positive cash flow generating consultant specialist!

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