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How To Build An Outdoor Shed

by Tony Clifton
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Building a shed yourself can be extremely hard if you approach it without preparation and without having an idea what to do. On the other hand, if you spend some time learning the basic things and follow a well prepared plan, it can be easy and fun.

If you are building from kit - just basic woodworking tools. If you choose the harder and more challenging way you may need more complex powered tools because there will be more cutting and grinding.

Step 1: Carefully select you shed location. You want a place that is not too sunny and not too shady - if possible not exposed to strong wind either. Most probably you will want your shed to be visible from your home and from the garden door.

Tip: The garden sheds look great if placed next to trees or pergolas.

Warning: Check for utility lines and try not to place the shed over them.

Step 2: Decide whether you are going to use a kit or will build from scratch. Building a shed using a kit is easy and fund, while building from scratch can be very challenging but also very rewarding (and economically efficient).

Tip: If you choose to build from scratch, make sure to buy at least shed plans. They are pretty cheap.

Step 3: Buy the needed materials and tools. Unless you are building with a kit, you will probably build a wooden shed. The best advice I can give you is to buy high quality pine timber. Don't buy too stiff timber because it will make your work very hard.

When buying tools, think if you are going to use them after finishing your shed. Are you building a shed to save money or because of passion? The answer to this question will show you whether you are going to need high quality tools that can be used for many future "do it yourself" projects.

Tip: I would recommend you buy a shed plan anyway. You may just start feeling the passion and decide to build from scratch even if you planned otherwise.

Step 4: Start building. If you have bought a kit, just follow the instructions. It's going to take 2-3 days or even less. There is not much to worry when using a shed kit.

If you are building from scratch, make sure that you have access to online forums and communities where you can ask for help in case you get stuck. Carefully follow the instructions in the shed plans. Don't worry if you are unable to build with a large pace. Building a shed is a process you must enjoy, not a day job.

Tip: Keep your tools arranged well. This can save half of the time for building.

Warning: Be very careful with the sizes in the plans. If you get wrong even one, you may waste hours of work and a lot of useful material.

Overall tips: -- Be persistent. Building a shed is not a very big project, but it's bigger than what most people do. If you are building from scratch, you may need a couple of weeks to complete it. -- Don't hesitate to ask friends for help. Two people can build one shed at least three times faster than a single person could do.

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