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How To Run A Successful Hotel Business

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Running and establishing a hotel is a very tough job. Especially for rookies like me it didn't start too well but reading on net , and getting some expert advices have made me a successful hotel owner!. So i am here to throw some of my cents on how you can be successful in this Profit soaring hotel/restaurant business.

Step 1

Provide services. When you think of hotel services, you may see giant pools, luxury food service, & theatrical performances. However, lots of times your guests are looking for a place to stay not a broadway show. Providing simple services would satisfy them to come back. Think about offering free services such as Net access, setting up a few computers in a room & making it an office center, providing some bagels & juice in the morning or even setting up a giant television in the lobby & having a complimentary movie night. Be creative & your guests will reward you for it.

Step 2

Do-it-yourself. It is no surprise that your hotel may need repair from time to time. A squeaky door or a leaky faucet could cause problems for your hotel patrons when they occur. However, this does not mean that you always need to call someone to fix it. Being handy with a wrench & learning to fix minor repairs yourself can save you a lot of money & a lot of time with an anxious guest.

Step 3

Provide discounts. Lots of hotel patrons are avid discount hunters, this means that seven of the reasons that they may even think about your hotel is for its price. Think about offering discounts & seasonal rates to attract more guests during slower times of the year.

Step 4

Starting to get customers huh? Soaring profits? Know how to convert profits into profits , invest from where you can reap.


* Ask the Team how they would respond to a negative comment. The guest service team in the comment should be asked to participate in the formulation of a balanced conciliatory response. Our employees need to feel that their input is valuable - that their opinions are thought about. This is a perfect way to get them involved & the more they involve them the more committed they become.

* Comments in User Generated Reviews generate empathy for the guest. This assumes that the manager exhibits respect for the user generated comments. Our employees get community sites - it is part of their DNA. When they see the impact that guest service has on the experience of a guest, the guest becomes a person not a check on a comment card. it helps them understand how important their role is.

* Use the guest comments to reinforce positive training behaviors. Congratulate them when a comment includes remarks on the friendliness of the staff or how a staff member went out of their way for a guest. Let them read for themselves how a poor guest experience impacts a real human, the guest, in their own words.

* Empower them with responsibility for monitoring guest reviews online. Make the guest service team part of the method - assign responsibility to the team for monitoring & printing out reviews from review sites. Copy & distribute them for the next meeting so that team members can make comments & suggest solutions.

* Design a card to be given at checkout to every guest with the URL of a review site. This is a amazing idea that six hotel thought up & implemented. Every time a guest responds positively to the query 'How was your stay?' hand them a card with the URL of Trip Advisor or another review site & ask them to write a review of their experience.

So you can know step up from a Basic hotel to a 3Star hotel To a 5Star hotel , and god knows if you do well maybe you would be rolling a 7Star of your own.

Greets and best of luck for everyone.

More info can be found out on my personal blog.

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