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How Do I Get a Girl to Sleep With Me? Showing 2 Surefire Solutions to Get a Girl to Sleep With You

by Sam Hutchinson
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"How do I get a girl to sleep with me?" I always asked myself this question back when I had a real hard time picking up women.

See, in order to hit the sack with the girl you're aiming for, first you need to identify your objective . . .

Are you looking to have a relationship with the girl or are you're just up for a one-night stand?

Once your objective has been identified, then it's time to pick a specific solution. I've prepared the solutions below based on your particular objective . . .

Objective A: Relationship

Solution: From my experience, if your relationship with a girl is good, getting her to sleep with you is not really a problem at all -- unless of course she's the saving-myself-for-marriage type!

As I've said when you're in a relationship, getting the girl to bed is quite easy. Provide a little romance, a little flattery and tenderness and you're pretty much set! It may take a few days, maybe a couple of weeks but do the aforesaid regularly and positive outcome is pretty much guaranteed!

Okay, I hear you ask, how do I get a girl to sleep with me WTHOUT all the stress inducing relationship activities?

No problem! Let's cover . . . Objective B: One-night stand only!

Solution: Listen, I told you earlier how I used to have a "real hard time" picking up women?

Well, things are rosier for me these days!

Interestingly, I picked up a girl name Rosie the other day and got her to sleep with me! Things would be a lot easier for you as well if you opt to use some extra strength attractant like a pheromone drops for example.

The pheromone attractant drop I use on a regular basis is called Alter Ego. Now it should be noted that it's not a magical tool that can get any girl to sleep with me, but it does better my pick rate and rather substantially too!

If you’re interested in using pheromone attractant drops to substantially increase your chances of getting a girl to sleep with you, then follow this link ->

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