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How to Buy and Sell Foreclosures Using Other People's Money

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Many people hesitate to build their real estate fortunes because of a lacking mindset. They think of all the things that they don't have and ignore all the assets and tools available to them.

The most common misconception in real estate investing is that you have to have tons of money to begin or that you have to have the perfect credit score. Although both of these help, the wealthiest investors almost never use their own funds.

There are certain things that you will need before investing a single penny though.

1) Knowledge. Jumping in blindly is a good way to get yourself into trouble, especially with foreclosures. You need to know how to investigate a property and any debt associated with it before choosing to place a bid on the property.

2) Opportunity. Knowing when to go after a property either preforclosure or once the proceedings have begun.

3) Capital. Knowing where to get the cash you need to fund your investments. There are countless sources of funds out there when you know where to look.

4) Knowing how you will market the property before you purchase it. Buying forclosures is a wonderful way to build wealth but you must have a end result in mind.

Know before you buy the property both what your maximum bid is, what your plan is to get it sold quickly and collect your profits and exactly how much you can reasonably expect to make off the property once you do sell it.

Caterina Christakos is a cash flow expert and investor. To learn more about exactly how to select properties, research them, find funding and sell them quickly. Go to:

Caterina Christakos is a published author and product reviewer. Read more of her reviews at:

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