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How to Cover Fireplace in winter

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Many people don't like to use fireplace in the winter season for many reasons. Some don't like the smell of burning woods; others don't like to mess up with wood pieces and all the debris they bring along with them in the house. So, for people who are not in the business of firing up their fireplaces the only option left is to cover up their fireplace opening with something useful to stop the drafts and cold air. There are few options available for these people to cover the fireplace opening. Some of them are discussed below.


A fireplace is considered as a positive feature for any home, especially when you want to sale your house. Fireplaces can be permanently blocked with bricks or woods. But that will not permit you to use fireplace when needed. The best way is to use such a cover that is temporary and easy to remove when you want to use fireplace.

One such way is to use airtight doors. These doors are usually made of glass and are fitted in the opening of the fireplace to keep the drafts and cold air from coming into the room. These glass doors do not provide the insulation required in extreme cold conditions as cold permeate through the glass and bring in cold drafts.


Aluminum is another way to cover the fireplace. Aluminum is fireproof and usually used at night times to keep the cold air away. A large sheet of aluminum is fixed to the opening of the fireplace to prevent any cold drafts.

People use aluminum covering mostly at night times. As it is fireproof, you can use it with embers still burning or if you have just finished with fire. Aluminum is not considered as the best insulator but it is capable of holding the cold air penetration, if install properly. If you use you fireplace occasionally or if you are willing to giver cover to your fireplace at night times, aluminum sheet can best serve a purpose for you.

Styrofoam, Foam and Fabric

Another form of fireplace covering is Styrofoam insulation. Get the piece of Styrofoam of exactly the same measure of your fireplace opening. Then cut a piece of foam exactly the size of Styrofoam just cut. Take glue and attach the foam on the Styrofoam with it. You can use fabric to cover the Styrofoam covering sheet. The use of fabric will give this covering a better look and it will certainly complement the décor in the room.

Remember the fact that Styrofoam is not fireproof and cannot be used right after the fire has gone. It is flexible and easy to handle. You can fix it easily on the opening of the fireplace. Styrofoam not only keeps your room safe from drafts and cold air, but also provides some decorative features.

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