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How to Make Lots of Money from Your Cell Phone- And Everybody Else's Too!

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Think for a minute. How many people do you know who have a cell phone? Everyone. Right?

World wide that is 250,000,000 cells phones in operation and still growing!

Would you like to get paid every time someone you know uses his or her cell phone? I can hear you say, "Absolutely."

Yet no one makes a true residual income from all these phones. Until now selling cell phone services has been restricted to major industry players. The operators control the way telecommunications businesses can make money from the industry. Retailers usually get a small trailing margin on the ongoing calls of each customer whom they sign up to a contract with a particular cell phone company.

Everyone else has missed out on the opportunity to make money from the cell phone industry except perhaps a few retailing add-ons like phone covers or purses at the local market.

Well that has all changed. On July 18, the market EXPLODED!


The USA is the first place to blow this system apart. Now,, backed by major cellphone players, is breaking up the market and letting online marketers sell via the net. Yes, your own Online Wireless Store. Imagine selling new connections and handsets via the Net, people coming to you to sign up, a product your friends will easily buy without the usual negativity towards direct marketing . . .

And you earn income when anyone enters into the agreement online via your Online Wireless Store, and best of all you get paid ongoing residual income every month when they pay their bill. Could it get any better? Yes, you also get to run your phone for free!

Busines is already booming,KA-CHING, KA-CHING!!!!!!

Get in now. Don't wait. Don't hang up.

Don't pick up your cell phone and call me, visit our business site


and join in this fantastically amazing opportunity. Whatever you do, don't hang up . . . . . . .

Michael is a successful entrepreneur. Recognised by EzineArticles as an 'expert' along with being highly regarded by Ideamarketers. He takes great delight in using his leadership, management and business skills to coach and mentor others to great success, especially in online marketing. Join his successful team and learn and build great incomes

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