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How to Obtain Free Food, Clothes and Household Furnishings

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With the downturn of the economy, many families are without basic needs. Additionally, the fires, floods and tornado's have left many people without food, shelter, clothing and even a blanket.

If you know someone who needs help or you are someone who needs help, there is assistance waiting for you. Emergency food, clothing, blankets and household items and in some cases, small cash advances are available through the following helpful services.

Please do not take advantage of these organizations. If you are someone who can help, by volunteering your time if you don't have extra money or goods to donate, please do so.

1. To find a chapter near you:

2. American Red Cross To find a chapter near you:

3. GreaterGood To find a chapter near you:

4. Salvation Army To find a chapter near you:

5. The ONE Campaign Phone 202-552-4990 To find a chapter near you:

6. MercyCorps Phone 888-256-1900 To find a chapter near you:

7. Society of St. Vincent DePaul To find a chapter near you:

8. Food for Free Phone 617-868-2900 To find a chapter near you:

9. America's Second Harvest Phone 800-771-2303 To find a chapter near you:

10. Gifts of Love Phone 860-676-2323

11. Craigslist

Check for additional resources such as Resource Service Center's, Food pantries, local churches, Thrift Shops, and the YMCA in your area by typing the keywords into Google. To find additional free goods, type keyphrases such as, "free household goods," "free food," etc.

Jaci Rae’s grit and determination have brought her from an impoverished childhood to a career as an award-winning singer, No. 1 best-selling author and entrepreneur who tours around the world.

Jaci Rae's latest book is, 5 Meals for $5. For more information Jaci Rae To find out where you can see / hear Jaci Rae Jaci Rae Tour

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