"How to Protect and store your Trampoline Over the Winter months "
by Ben McDonald
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Trampolines are amazing fun over the summer put many wonder what to do with them over the winter months, whilst you can still use your Trampoline over the winter months it is always better to protect your Trampoline from the frost and Winter elements.

Trampolines can be left up all year around and the Trampoline Frames are guaranteed against rust causing damage, the best way to protect your Trampoline by using a winter cover. You may choose to dismantle your Trampoline or even part of your Trampoline and store the trampoline in parts of the winter. Allot of people have heard of winterising your Trampoline and wonder exactly what this consists of. When you winterise a Trampoline you cover the Trampoline using a weather cover and you may also choose to use an anchor kit to anchor your Trampoline to the ground in windy conditions, however this does depend on your location and if this is needed.

If you leave the Trampoline up over the winter you will still be able to use the Trampoline, it is however recommended to remove any debris on the Trampoline before it is used to prolong the life of your Trampoline bed.

I hope this information helps.

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Benjamin McDonald is an experienced Customer Services Manager currently employed by a leading UK-based outdoor toys retailer who specialise in trampolines , climbing frames , Basketball Equipment and above ground pools . Over the past five years, Ben has developed a comprehensive understanding of the outdoor toys market, and has published a range of articles with the intention of passing on some of his knowledge.

Ben McDonald
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Site: http://www.gardengames.co.uk

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How to Protect and store your Trampoline Over the Winter months

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