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How to Reverse a Break Up -- What if My Ex is Dating Someone Else Already?

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Are you trying to discover how to reverse a break up? What if your ex is dating someone else?

If you are trapped in this situation, it is understandable that you will be feeling very anxious about it. Well, I have similar experience as well and I understand how painful this can be. However, fret not! All hope is not lost.

Just because your ex is dating someone else doesn't mean he/she has already moved on. Just because he/she is dating someone else doesn't mean he/she does not like you anymore.

Here is one very important question that you should really ask yourself.

Have you just broken up?

Maybe the break up is only a few weeks or even a few days ago?

If that is the case, your ex may just be involved in a rebound relationship. So, what is a rebound relationship?

Well, here is a simple explanation. A rebound relationship is a relationship that is started shortly after the end of a serious relationship. The nature of a rebound relationship is such that it doesn't last. Most rebound end within weeks or even days. The longest may last for a few months.

Regardless of how long the rebound last, the fact is a rebound relationship will usually end eventually.

If you are wondering how to reverse a break up, this is a good news for you.

The reason why your ex is involved in a rebound may be because he/she just can't forget you. He/she just can't stand the loneliness. In fact, he/she may be trying to find 'you' in this new relationship.

However, eventually, he/she will feel disappointed and frustrated with the new relationship. He/she will start to realize that you are still the one he/she love the most.

If you are trying to figure out how to reverse a break up, then there is a lot hope for you. All you need is just the right plan of action. How to reverse a break up?

According to relationship counsellors, 80 percent of all breakups are reversible. This means there is a good chance that you can make up with your ex. The biggest problem is that most people do not know the correct approach to take. Discover how to get your ex back with the correct approach at


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