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How to Summon your Guardian Angel

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There are many ways that you can build a relationship with your Guardian Angel. It's no more difficult or less rewarding than building a friendship with anyone else in your life. The best way to start is to acknowledge your Angel - start by speaking praise aloud while thinking devotions. Unfortunately, many people don't do this because they don't believe Angels exist. Sadly, they will not receive as much spiritual guidance as those who do take the time to acknowledge the existence of their own immortal assistants.

Show your devotion A simple greeting as you start each day and thank you at night will be appreciated by your angel. If you feel inclined you may wear an angel pendant or pin etc as proof of your angelic faith. Pledge your trust everyday with a simple saying such as; 'Guardian Angel, who I trust, please guide my actions today' Show your respect by being conscious of your intuitive feelings that your Angel sends and go with those actions.

Occasionally you may pledge your loyalty by finding a chant that works for you, such as; Guardian Angel I acknowledge your presence in my life, I trust the guidance you offer me, I respect the power of this union and I shall remain loyal to our cause by doing my best to evolve spiritually and psychically, Thank you

Always pray in the positive Always speak in positive terms when praying aloud. For example, instead of praying, "don't let my dog die," pray "let my dog live." And also, pray in the present tense, because Angels are creatures of this moment. Ask for exactly what you want, also stating when you need it. And ALWAYS say THANK YOU after you've asked for something, as though it's already yours, as though it the Angel's miracle has already manifested itself in your life.

Angels only understand feelings Some people believe that Angels only understand feelings and emotions. They have not kept up with the many languages of Earth and so human words do not work, only your feelings can reach their level of consciousness - and the Angels will bring to you more of what you are feeling (that can be a scary thought). They see what you feel for - as being what you are asking for. This school of thought also says to be thankful for your gift as well. Try to feel your gratitude in your heart.

The Seven Arch Angels The Old Testament describes seven Arch Angels; Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel are the most active, but Haniel, Raguel and Barakiel also appear throughout the Holy Scriptures.

Michael was the first Angel to be created by God. He is the ruler of the seraphim and he threw Lucifer out of Heaven after the War. He is the one who spoke to Moses on Mount Sinai.

Gabriel is a trumpeter, and as such the messenger. As we all know he is the one who spoke to the Virgin Mary. He is also the ruler of cherubim.

Raphael is the angel of the spirits of humankind and the supervisor of Guardian Angels He is the healer and guardian of young people. He heals the Earth when it has been defiled by Lucifer and his minions; it was also he who warned Adam about the dangers of mortal sin. He is the ruling prince of the virtues.

Uriel is the Angel of light. It was he who wielded the fiery sword as he drove Adam and Eve from Eden. He warned Noah about the flood and predicted the coming of the Jewish Messiah.

Haniel is the glory or grace of God. He is invoked as a guardian against evil. He is the ruling prince of principalities.

Raguel is an Angel of Earth. He brings erring Angels to account and punishes them accordingly.

Barakiel is known as lightning of God'. He's sometimes invoked by name to bring success in games of chance.

The word Angel The origin of the word Angel comes from the Greek angelos which is the equivalent of the Hebrew mal'akh which means 'messenger'.

Sometimes God uses angels to test us. God tells us to be kind and loving toward others because we never know if someone is an angel unaware. A few years ago, when I was working at a convenience store and was helping a customer out front, a noticed a transient man, dressed in heavy clothes, holding a small bag. He barely concealed his face. I went to him and asked if he was hungry. He nodded an affirmative response, so I led him inside to choose a sandwich. While he stood at the cooler, I turned my back for about two seconds. When I turned back, he had vanished. There was not enough time for him to move as far as the next isle. He just disappeared. I asked my coworker at the cash register if she had seen the man with me leave. But she said no, and that she had never even seen him come in with me!

Angels help you in life Can you recall the times where you were prompted to act on instinct, discarding logic and the results were better than if you'd acted sensibly? Perhaps your Guardian Angel was guiding your actions? Have you ever just missed an automotive collision by seconds because of some strange perversion of chance? Was it was your Angel at work?

Angels realize that you live on a material planet and material values apply here -- you cannot always accept the spiritual values they wish to apply. Angels help man live in the balance between the two systems. The do not wish to intrude into your privacy and let you learn through experience - they do not judge you at all.

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