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How to Watch Absolutely Free Internet TV: TV for Peanuts

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Where do you get Absolutely free Internet TV

There are mainly 2 ways that you can watch satellite TV for free on the internet. These are as discussed below:

1. Free online TV Portals

The internet has many websites that you can watch absolutely free satelite internet TV. These are sites linked to the TV networks sites and enable you to watch online TV at no charge. The only disadvantage of internet TV free websites is that since the service is free, so many people world wide request for it on similar instances.

The result is that these websites are extremely slow and the servers are rendered hopeless due to these free internet TV requests. The end result; only a few people are able to watch free online TV from these sites. Chances of being one of these are highly remote. I personally have always tried to watch the free online TV websites and disappointed with error messages every time I get to the fifth minute of TV.

2. Internet TV software download to your PC or Laptop

One other more reliable way of watching free satelitte TV is by downloading PCTV software at a minimal fee. These softwares are many on the internet and are sold at very low prices, usually below $50. The online TV software have a varied selection of TV channels that they can broadcast onto your computer.

Your best bet is to balance between the numbers of stations that they can offer without compromising on the quality of their TV channels. There are some with lower number of channels, usually above 2,500 world TV channels but very good picture and sound resolution. Others have over 10,000 TV channels but of lower picture quality.

If you can find the TV channel that you are particularly interested in, I would recommend making a balance and taking good quality over mass channels. In any case you will hardly ever get to need the entire over 3,000 TV channels in a thousand other foreign languages.

One among the many that I have tested is the PC 2007 Elite Edition. This software has good quality and offers as many TV online channels. The price at $49.95 is abit higher than the market's lowest of $38 but this might be due to the fact that they might be quality guarantees attached to the price. Anyway it has so far been serving me well and I can't complain.

You may want to sample a demo show on the vendor's website just to determine by yourself just how good this software is. Follow the link in the author's box below to the vendor's website please. The movies on the mini-screen on the website might need some 2 minutes for buffering before you can watch.

Thanks and nice viewing

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