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How to Win Your Ex Girlfriend Back - How to Get My Ex Girl Back Using This Principle

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How to Win Your Ex Girlfriend Back - How to Get My Ex Girl Back Using This Principle

If you have already broken up with your girlfriend but still like to win her back, it will be very helpful if you understand the following principle.

"People want what they do not or cannot easily have." Does this principle sound familiar to you?

Most probably, you have come across this principle at some point in time. Even if you have not, it doesn't matter. What this principle is trying to tell us is that when a person do not have something or cannot have something so easily, his/her desire for it will be very strong.

This principle is not only applicable to relationships. In fact, you can apply this principle in different areas of your life.

In fact, you might want to look at this principle from another angle. If you can get something with absolute ease, most probably, you will not treasure it. It seems to be human nature that they tend to take things for granted if they can get them easily. In fact, if you try to push something to a person, he/she may even start to reject it and push it away.

Let us look at an example for clearer illustration. Say a poor man may desire to have some delicacy like abalone. As he can't afford it, his desire for abalone will be very strong.

But what happens if he becomes a very wealthy man in the future and can afford to have abalone everyday. Most probably, his desire for abalone will drop. And if he has to eat abalone everyday, he will start to push it away.

This is the same in your relationship. You don't want to do things that make you appear desperate. If you appear desperate in front of your girlfriend, what does it tell her? You are telling her that you are easy to get and you are actually pushing yourself towards her.

It is only human nature that she will want to push you away. By understanding this principle, you will be able to avoid making the many common mistakes that many guys tend to make. This will put you in a much better position to win our girlfriend back.

How to stop a breakup?

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Hi, my name is Allan Lim. I am the author who is dedicated and motivated in serving the needy people in the community. This is to ensure that their problems are being addressed and the solutions have been provided to solve the problems, especially in these love relationships. Please consult me for any further enquiries in my email address at

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