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The Telemarketers Secret to Getting a Prospects Interest

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If you could tie the prospect down and force them to listen to a full thirty minute presentation they would surely understand how valuable the products/services being sold were, but in reality that's not the case -- especially when cold calling. The typical call starts out "Hi I'm John Smith calling with such and such company to talk with you about saving you time and money" and before you know it the salesman is interrupted and told "no thanks, I'm not interested". In nearly every case the rejection is not a result of the products lack of value but more so a result of the perceived value, or lack thereof. With that said some opening sales skills must be adopted that get prospects interest within the first 60-seconds or less. As a professional salesmen you must first understand what it is that your prospect is trying to accomplish and what their needs are. In most cases the needs are as basis as to sell more, brand awareness, beat the competition, own more market share, save money etc. Most psychologists suggest that within the first 60 seconds of meeting you, a prospect will subconsciously decide if they are going to buy your product, or not. Many successful sales people use what's known as a WIIFM (what's in it for me) statement to get the prospect motivated to talk beyond the first minute. The bottom line is that no one cares about you, how big your company is, how many customers you have or how much experience you have -- well at least not in the early stages of the sales process. All they care about is what you can do for them. One of best techniques to getting prospects engaged is done by using a referral statement. For example, if someone called selling telecom services that had already been doing business with a local competitor they might have an opening referral statement that went something like "working with Mary over Mary Smith Company I have reduced her telecom bill by 47 percent saving her over $2,000 a month and I think we could produce similar savings for you too, can we talk". In this example the caller has clearly answered the WIIFM and most prospects would at least have an interest in hearing more about what the caller has to say and if they can in fact produce similar savings for them. There is a natural tendency for telemarketers and salesman to brag about their company which is a recipe for failure. People buy for selfish reasons, not because you're great at what to do. It all about the prospects needs and nothing else. Once the salesman has successfully created interest and answers the WIIFM then they can build their presentation around their companies bragging rights. To be even clearer, initial buying starts as an emotional decision, for example, wanting a new red sports car. The second part of the buying process is a logical process, for example "can I afford the new car payment"? With that in mind, a sellers first goal is to go after emotions and get their prospect excited. Afterwards the seller should justify the sale logically. You can not sell if you do this in reverse.

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