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How to get tf2 items extremely easy

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How exactly does the new unlock system in Team Fortress 2 work?

The new system appears to be designed to incentivize people to continue playing with the assurance of new "tf2 hats" gained through normal game-play, or using idle servers or an idle app. This is in contrast to the old system which tied weapon gains to arbitrary achievements, requiring the players to perform a set number of specific tasks to free equipment, which in turn made some players feel "forced" to go to specially designed servers and maps to try to unlock the equipment they wanted.

I suppose, but since most people playing the game have the unlock-ables. Why would they want to unlock a Killing Gloves of Boxing 3 times in a row? Possibly for the new steam cloud trading system. Which valve has been working on for awhile now. Which should be out some time soon, so we all hope. Let the tf2 hats trading frenzy begin.

Allegedly, from what Valve's said, you just get randomly given each new tf2 hats through regular game-play. They have also re-introduced the achievements, and milestones for tf2 hats unlocks. Steam allows idlers the ability to get tf2 hats during this random item drops, which happens to be around every 25 minutes or so. Although you only have about a 30-50 percent chance of getting a tf2 hats that 25 Min's of play.

There is a team fortress 2 idler app i have mentioned a few times. It does not require tf2 to be opened, which many have been doing. Leaving tf2 open, in an idle server, and shift tabbing out of game in hopes of getting some tf2 hats. This app takes less resources since it does not require tf2 to be open, just steam connected. It is not considered a hack either, since valve allows idlers to achieve tf2 hats. It connects to a fake private server, which is not VAC secure. This app has a settings file, which allows to to manage a few options. Such as logging of tf2 hats received, Items people in the private server have acquired that minute, and duplicate item drop. Myself, and a lot of other tf2 players i have met, have racked up over 2000 hours allowing this to run at night while we sleep. I have gotten almost all the tf2 hats, except the heavy's, not by playing, but by using this idler, since there is about a 0.000001 percent chance of getting tf2 hats, best to have as many chances as possible.

here is the app to get tf2 items Read more on how to get tf2 hats here.

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