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How to let go of negative thoughts and emotions

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Many people are concerned over their own negative thought patterns and emotions. The universal worry is that these negative thoughts will manifest themselves as unpleasant events eventually. How can we let go of negative thought and emotion?

When it comes to negative thoughts, we must remember that thought in and of itself has very little substance. Our mind is always thinking, and if every thought manifested itself, we'd all have nervous breakdowns! Thoughts are fleeting creations - they arise, take form, and dissipate. Imagine your exhalations on a cold winter day. You can see your breath for only a little while before it evaporates. Thoughts themselves have about as much form and impact as your breath - unless we feed them with energy.

We can give a thought energy by reacting to it with emotion - thus generating more thought and more emotion. Have you ever gotten yourself all worked up over an imaginary scenario, such as losing your job or discovering a cheating spouse? We can feed a thought with our energy so that it becomes very substantial. If we hold a thought and the accompanying emotional energy for 68 seconds or more, according to Jerry and Esther Hicks, we begin manifesting accordingly.

Without emotional energy, thoughts simply arise and dissipate, just like our breath.

What happens when we react to a thought with fear? We may find ourselves in a negative thought and immediately follow up with "Oh no, I shouldn't be thinking this! I'm thinking negatively. Quick, let's think of a positive affirmation." Fear is a powerful reaction. What we resist, persists. Resistance is just another way of directing energy. If, for example, positive affirmations are a means of resisting a negative thought, then they can in fact feed energy into the very thought pattern they are meant to dispel.

It's far more effective to observe negative thoughts than to resist them. Observation allows us to step away from the thought, rather than feeding it with emotional energy. Negative emotion generally arises as a reaction to a thought. If we cease reacting, we can let go of negative emotion as well as thought. Imagine sitting next to your stream of thoughts as if it were a river flowing by. We are not pulled along by the currents in that river because we are merely standing by and watching. We're not jumping in for a swim.

In order to let go of negative thought and emotion, we don't have to control our thoughts. We don't have to suppress our emotions. Our mind does so much thinking that it would be impossible to do so, anyway. We are constantly thinking, feeling beings. Instead of resisting our negative thoughts and emotions, we observe. Through observation, we can begin to select the thoughts to which we give emotional energy. We gift our positive thoughts with an appropriate emotional reaction. In this way, we give our chosen thought substance, so that we will attract like resonances into our lives. The rest we simply observe, knowing that they will dissipate harmlessly without consequence.

Andrea Hess is an Intuitive Consultant and author of "Unlock Your Intuition: How to Accurately and Reliably Access Your Most Valuable Resource." For more information on her book, her readings, or to read more of her work on her blog, please visit

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