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If you want to learn hypnotize someone without them knowing you need to be looking at the art of covert hypnosis. This is the process of using hypnotic language to gain control over the subjects mind without them knowing.

The aim of the covert hypnotist is not to brainwash a person because the fact is that you cannot force anyone to do anything. The idea is to use the hypnotic state to change the person's mind and bring them around to your way of thinking very quickly.

You don't even need to get them to close their eyes, it will all be done just in the process of normal conversation.


The first step in covert hypnosis is to gain a strong rapport with your subject. You need to think about the kind of relationship you have with your family and friends and ask yourself how you might gain that kind of rapport quickly with a stranger. This is easy once you get the hang of it and usually means just listening very warmly to what they are saying and laughing at their jokes.


Once you are in deep rapport with the subject you want to switch off their critical mind and speak directly to the subconscious. You can achieve this with stories that start with "imagine if..."

These words are very powerful because you instantly take the subject to a different mental place.

Once you are talking to the subconscious you can start to offer clever direct suggestions and if you have enough rapport with the person they will do what you say.

For instance you might say something like.

"I'm going to the mall, come with me?"

This sounds like a question but really you have just made a direct command that they are very likely to obey.

Politicians and car sales men use this stuff all the time.

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