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ITP -- Low Blood Platelets, Food and Inflammation

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If you have Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura, did you know that the food you eat could be contributing to your Low Blood Platelets ?

When it comes to what you feed your body, not all foods are the same...not even close. Even though you thought eating was good for your health, gave you energy and helped you to survive, it totally depends on what you eat. Some foods are so toxic to our system that it might be better for you to give that meal a miss.

The wrong type of food actually acts as poison to our bodies and produce free radicals in our system. In order to combat the free radicals the body's immune system springs into action and creates inflammation, just like when you get a splinter in your finger and it flares up or a flu virus. Your immune system tries to defend your body against the enemy causing the inflammation. When this happens all the time, the inflammation becomes chronic and the immune system starts to break down manifesting this problem in many ways. As a result of this constant battle, the body produces a chronic autoimmune response such as ITP disorder with the accompanying low blood platelets, arthritis, cancer and virtually every modern disease known to mankind,

Guess what foods can create such a problem? Foods with Chemicals in them, such as food additives, colorings, preservatives, and pesticides. Modern convenience foods fall in that category. Just read the label of any box in the supermarket. Also fast foods are culprits as well. They have many additives for longer shelf life and economy, not to mention all sorts of fillers.

Highly Processed food, such as all the modern convenience foods. Not only do they have an abundance of chemicals but the have been prepared at extremely high temperatures and have also had many natural components removed form the natural product. Then a few synthetic vitamins are added as a token gesture. this type of food is extremely unnatural to the body.

Over cooked foods. High heat destroys all of the live natural enzymes necessary to sustain a healthy life. It is recommended that at least 60 percent of your diet be raw foods.

Foods which contain sugar, both natural and unnatural such as high fructose corn syrup. Sugar is known to compromise the immune system, and over the long term will poison the body.

Foods that your body is sensitive to, not necessarily allergic, but intolerant. Even if you already eat a healthy and natural diet you must be really aware that some foods commonly believed to be healthy could actually be causing you harm, such as dairy products and whole grains. These foods, your body could actually have a intolerance to, and will therefore act as an antagonist to your system, causing an auto immune response. (somewhat like a allergic reaction). This will cause inflammation and if you continue to eat antagonistic foods your inflammatory condition will become chronic and cause your immune system to break down. It is common knowledge that food sensitivities create diseases. There is a larger percentage of people than you could ever imagine, that have food intolerances and don't even know it. A prime example is gluten intolerance, ( an intolerance to the gluten in grains). What we do know is that out of every 133 people in the world 1 person will have gluten sensitivity. What about all of those people who are sensitive but are not diagnosed that go through life feeling less than 100 percent, until finally their immune system can't take it any more, and rebels causing low blood platelets, cancer, arthritis, lupus and a host of other ailments. This intolerance problem could be festering for years until it is almost finally too late to do anything about it.

If you have ITP and low blood platelets, perhaps it's time to re-think just what you are putting in your mouth as food.

It's time to seriously take stock of what you eat! What's in your pantry and fridge?

From the island of Guam, to the bush of Australia, to the Caribbean, then middle Georgia, Maggi has taken her lifetime interest in health and wellness seriously. But it wasn't until her teenage daughter Vivianna's diagnosis and of Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura, that what once was initially a strong interest in natural health and wellness, soon became a burning passion for knowledge of natural healing. Through all her research and efforts, she healed her daughter and is now an accomplished wellness coach, studying for her degree in Naturopathy. It is her life's mission to help others live a naturally abundant and healthy life.

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