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Clearly one of the most proven income generating opportunities for promoting your website or small Internet business is to publish articles online. This is a very simple way to contribute informative content and best of all it is free to use. You do not need to have a lot of experience or be a professional writer to be able to place articles on your website. Having articles that are directly related to the theme of the website will in turn give you an edge on the competition. By writing an article yourself and submitting it to the directory that you are using to get your articles, you then are feeding the community with great content for everyone to share.

There are literally thousands of these directories of articles on the Internet. Being a member of multiple web societies will yield more and more reference materials that you can benefit from. When writing an article that you intend on placing on one of the many directories, it is very important to keep the required formatting in mind. There are some directories that wish for you to use no formatting; this is not a bad thing as in the end it will save you time not having to set up the formatting. Just make sure it is all done in a text document and all will be fine.

Sometimes the directory will require a keyword or keywords to go along with the article and may or may not ask for a brief description of the article in a separate box. Along with all this information, it is a great idea for you to have a resource box at the bottom of the article. This is an excellent way for you to give information about you, and the website or sites you may have. This is an excellent method of self-promotion. The key here is to generate as much traffic to your website as you can by efficiently using web content and articles that appeal to people. This is very effective when you find great articles that pertain to your site as a whole.

Here is a helpful hint - Content is king, but the choice of keywords is also an important aspect of your article publication initiatives. Simply place keywords that you use in the keywords metatag of your website in your title and in the body of the article. You will be giving your website a boost in the search engine rankings when your article is accepted by the directories and they link back to your website! You can find the search engine ranking of the article directory easily by installing the Google toolbar on your web browser. You will notice that the article directories have some of the highest rankings of all websites worldwide! This is due to all the quality submissions and links they get from online publishers like you.

There is a very good chance that if someone reads an entire article that you have written, they will be willing to read more of your work. This can easily draw them to your site out of curiosity and could generate a new sale. This new sale could then be referred to someone else looking for the same product or service, and again draw a new customer. Word of mouth on the Internet is a very powerful tool indeed. So in closing, it is clear that these services known as article directories do have a proven solid purpose in the way of generating more traffic to your intended target and increasing the search engine ranking of that target. That target is your website, an income opportunity proven to make you money!

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