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For those who are interested in smart Indian guys and ravishing Indian women, Indian Friendfinder is the best dating site, you could possible use. The best part about Indian friendfinder is the high quality profiles; you could possibly meet many who match your wavelengths and fulfil your desire of a potential partner or friend of the opposite sex. Indian friend finder is one of the biggest dating sites in the world, with a huge database. You can expect a world of exciting friendship, some serious dating, casual relationships..whatever suits your tastes. Once you register to the site, you will be able to see members who are online. You can read about them, what their tastes and views are like and what turns them on. The membership is quite cheap; there are two categories: silver and gold. With silver membership, you can view and contact members and access their intro videos. The Gold category gives you the same benefits and more. You get full access to their blogs, their videos and you are given privilege to be the first one to contact new members. Another benefit of being a gold member is that your profile is shown up in the very top searches of Indian Friendfinder. You are also given access to ICQ, AIM, YIM & MSN ID's of members in your network

The user friendliness of Indian Friendfinder is its USP. The search results yield a member's last login date and details of the members active online in your area. Indian Friendfinder has a huge database of more than 650,000 singles and the number is growing everyday. Needless to say, most members are from India, but non resident Indians, people from the US, Canada, Pakistan, Australia and the UK are also aplenty. Indian Friendfinder is the best online dating and friendship site with a lot of benefits like chartroom, instant messaging, in-house magazine and blogs. Romance and friendship comes alive in vivid colors in Indian Friendfinder.

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