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Internet Money Insider Secrets -- Part 4

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This is the last part to the 4 part article series -- Insider Secrets To Internet Money. In the previous three articles we looked at 9 insider secrets if applied would enable you to make as much or as little internet money you would like.

These are the insider secrets of an ordinary person turned multi-millionaire - $ 60 million dollars in the last 10 years.

Apply these Insider Secrets consistently and you too can make money using the internet.

Insider Secret No 10 -- Advertise Both Offline & Online

You must advertise where your target market normally goes looking for information. Where your competition is advertising is a good place to begin.

Advertise on Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Advertise in ezines.

Use both free and paid advertising.

Use emails, articles, blogs, classified ads, press releases, joint ventures, networking and events.

Test and track until you find what works for you.

Insider Secret No 11- Launch Your Own Affiliate Program

You can create and launch your own affiliate program. This means in simple terms you will have a highly motivated sales team selling your products on commission only.

This means there are no upfront costs to you.

Affiliate marketing is an internet based marketing practice where you reward one or more affiliates for the customers they bring to you by their marketing efforts.

Depending on your model, affiliates can play a significant part in your internet money success.

Insider Secret No 12 -- Create Your Own Unique System

As you apply the Insider secrets revealed in this 4 part article make sure you journal what works for you and what does not. Also journal how and why it works in a step by step way.

Right there is your own unique system for making internet money. You should be able to repeat this system with other products and have measurable results. Each time fine tuning, testing and tracking.

Once you are happy with the results and you have proof that your unique system works you can teach that to others creating an additional income stream.

Again you can decide to offer different teaching modes of the same system to your target market. You can choose to offer it via seminars or events, via camtasia, via a home study program . . . .. The opportunities are endless.

One thing our multi-millionaire friend did was he took action once he knew what the insider secrets to making money using the internet were. He committed to his success and no sacrifice was too much to pay in order to achieve his goal.

I urge you to do the same!

Mavis Amouzou-Akue teaches newbies and experienced online marketers alike how to use high ticket resell rights to make more money online whiles helping others succeed.

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