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It Is Normal To Experience A Mature Hairline

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As men age, they reach a point in which they no longer have the same hairline they had when they were ten years old. This is called a mature hairline and even though it is very common amongst men, some will still ask why me? Before you begin looking for remedies to slow down your mature hairline from receding, it is important your understand why this is happening.

Genetic hair loss is due to a male hormone called dihydrotestosterone. As testosterone combines with an enzyme known as 5 Alpha Reductase, dihydrotestosterone begins to produce. This then tackles the hair follicles and causes your hair to thin and eventually fall off. The numbers that no man wants to listen to is that men can lose as much as 50 percent of their hair before noticing inherited hair loss.

If you notice that your hair looks thinner it is important to accept it immediately because the faster you start treating it the better the results. If you can see your scalp through your hair, one way to find out if it is male pattern baldness is by plucking hair from the scalp that looks thinner and from the area that looks thicker.

If you look at the hair shafts with a magnifying glass and notice that some of the plucked hairs are much finer than others, the cause of your hair loss may be due to male pattern baldness. The best step to really take is to visit a dermatologist which will examine your scalp and determine the exact cause of your hair loss.

Unlike what you may have heard or originally believed, hair loss is not caused by clogged pores, poor circulation, or a lack of oxygen. While there can be different causes for a mature hairline, 95 percent of the time it happens because of the inherited sensitivity of the hair follicles towards dihydrotestosterone.

When dihydrotestosterone attaches to the hair follicles it does not allow blood to flow freely to the scalp and provide the nutrients necessary for healthy hair growth. The aftermath is finer hair which eventually falls out.

There are different types of mature hairlines that males may encounter. It is one of the most painful problems you may have to encounter as it usually happens before crown and vertex hair loss. If you think it will not happen to you, keep in mind that 2 in 3 men will experience some form of hair loss. For many it will be frontal or temple hair loss.

These are astonishing stats you should be aware of if you are a male. Whether you have a mature hairline or not, it is important you keep an eye on it as you age. This information will help you understand why it is happening to you so you can better treat the problem.


Benjamin Scott has been marketing online since 2002. During the past few years he has worked as an affiliate of many different companies. His passion involves reading and writing about numerous topics. He believes in writing quality for the benefit of actual readers and does not believe in writing simply to rank for different terms on the search engines. Benjamin is the owner of various websites and also publishes a few newsletters

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