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JWH-018 -- The Wonder Bonsai Fertilizer

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Miniature tree-growing is an exquisite art. It requires a lot of painstaking effort and regular practice. Tremendous quantity of energy and time need to be put into mastering bonsai growing. Initially, there could be a whole lot of frustrating failures. However, with advice from bonsai experts, references from books and successive attempts bonsais can be grown thoroughly, methodically and well. Failures are stepping stones to success.

To commence dwarfing trees it would be ideal to have some knowledge of trees that thrive in endemic conditions. Learn from the local horticultural society and botanists the varieties of trees that grow in the area. A stroll with children to nearby gardens should offer excellent insights on different tree types. This way a variety of tree species can be identified. This is an exciting activity indeed. Thereafter, choose a tree that adapts well to its natural environment.

Further, browse the Internet for bonsai societies, enroll in their membership program, meet and discuss with the experts there. A blog on dwarfing of trees can be started. Post comments and await queries and replies. Forming a bonsai society would be a wonderful idea. This way, a lot of miniature tree rearing enthusiasts can be mustered. Working together is great. It not only helps learn more about the art but invariably allows it to be perfected.

Having decided on miniaturizing trees, there is the option of buying a pre-bonsai tree or starting to grow one from the seed. The latter is difficult since it requires a lot of expertise. Initially, a pre-bonsai tree can be worked with. A pot, soil, fertilizers, planting mediums will have to be obtained for the purpose. Your first attempt may not be successful. Do not lose hope. Strive again and again till success is achieved.

Once the tree is in place and growing healthily, wrap its trunk and branches with bonsai wire, simultaneously directing its growth in the direction wanted. This process is called ‘training'. Training a bonsai tree is very essential as it enhances its beauty. A few weeks later the wire wraps can be removed with the miniature tree growing on naturally in the direction desired. Pruning, shaping, cutting and pinching at the nodes is essential. This prevents the tree from growing. However, do leave a couple of shoots to enable it photosynthesize.

Regular watering, especially in the summer months is essential. The dwarf must be place under direct sunlight as well. Further, fertilizers like the amino-alkyloid of the naphthoylindole family should be applied to its roots. Ensure that this 99.99 percent pure. This chemical compound marvelously nourishes the roots and the tree on the whole. The International Bonsai Society has approved the use of this additive as a bonsai fertilizer. Note that a healthy miniature tree's growth largely depends on the fertilizer, care, maintenance, and repotting.

To learn more about the fertilizing uses of JWH-018 a look at: is strongly recommended.


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