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Kenya Foreigners Work, Work Permits-Expatriates Employ Kenya Jobs

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East African Longer Stay Visas & Work permits

Kenya, Uganda &Tanzania Visa extensions

Visas can be renewed at immigration offices during normal office hours, and extensions are usually issued on a same-day basis. Staff at the immigration offices is generally friendly and helpful, but the process takes a while. You will need two passport photos and Kshs 2200 for a three month extension. You also need to fill out a form registering as an alien if you're going to be staying more than 90-days.

Immigration offices are only open Monday to Friday; note that the smaller offices may sometimes refer travelers back to Nairobi or Mombasa for Visa extensions. Local immigration offices include the following:

KISUMU; Reinsurance Plaza, cnr Jomo Kenyatta Hwy,

Oginga Odinga Rd)

LAMU: Tel, 042-633032; off Kenyatta Rd.

MALINDI: Tel, 042-30876

MOMBASA: Tel, 041-311745

NAIROBI: Tel, 020-222022; Nyayo House cnr Kenyatta

Ave./Uhuru Hwy)

Expatriate work permits- Getting work in Kenya

It's difficult although by no means impossible to get jobs as a foreigner. The most likely areas in which employment might be found are in the safari business, teaching, advertising and journalism. Except for teaching, it's unlikely you'll see jobs advertised, and the only way you'll find out about them is to spend a lot of time with resident expats. As in most countries, the rule is that if an African can be found to do the job, there's no need to hire a foreigner.

The most fruitful area in which to look for work, assuming that you have the relevant skills, is the 'disaster industry'. Nairobi is awash with UN and other aid agencies servicing the famines in Somalia and southern Sudan and the refugee camps along the Kenyan border with those countries. Keep in mind that the work is tough and often dangerous, and pay is usually very low.

Work permits and resident visas are not easy to arrange. A prospective employer may be able to sort the necessary paperwork for you, but otherwise you'll find yourself spending a lot of time and money at the immigration office Tel, 020-222022; Nyayo House cnr Kenyatta Ave./Uhuru Hwy ( see above)

Visas for Onward travel -Transit visas

Since Nairobi is a common gateway city to East Africa and the city centre is easy to get around, many travelers spend some time here picking up visas for other countries that they intend to visit. If you are going to do this you need to plan ahead of time and call the embassy to confirm the hours that visa applications are received(thee change frequently in Nairobi). Most embassies will want you to pay visa fees in US dollars.

Just because a country has an embassy or consulate here, it doesn't necessarily mean you can get that country's visa. The borders with Somalia and Sudan are both closed, so you'll have to go to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia is you want a Sudanese visa, and Somali visas are unlikely to be available for the foreseen future.

For Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda, three-month visas are readily available in Nairobi and cost US$ 50 for most Nationalities. Two passport photos are required for applications and visa can usually be issued the same day.


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