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Learn To Make Gift Baskets - Veneer Basket Making

by Angela B. Smith
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A small slim sheet of wood is referred to as Veneer; veneer is put in use when attached with other more solid wood pieces or cardboards which then lend strength & stability. The real veneers can be used for multiple applications and are available in 3-ply, phenolic, 10 mm paperbacked and 22.2 mm "air-free" bending wood veneers. Veneer are mostly widely used for furniture making, they are also sold to furniture suppliers, display companies, boat builders & general wood artisans. There are many varieties of veneers both soft and hard depending on who you wish to use it. Some of the veneers types are Fir Douglas, Birch, Jatoba, Hickory, Butternut, Cypress, Makore, Alder, Oak and Walnut.

Veneer can be made to look more graceful if the strips are multi-shaded or a combination of 2 or more are pasted on different parts of a basket. You can create your own veneer basket by putting together veneer strips around the basket. But doing this part requires proper knowledge before starting. Certain glues are required so that the veneer can be pasted properly on the surface of the basket by using veneer press, mostly a vacuum, hot or cold press by applying yellow or white glue; this is how wood veneer is applied. Suppose the press cannot be found then decent contact cement could be used. Take the best quality cement having highest level of adhesiveness and instructions by manufacturer. (Nonflammable is not as effective as flammable contact cement)

Veneer has to be joined to a complementing substrate whose quality is reliable. Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) is a stable substrate most suited, and then comes industrial particleboard, plywood of veneer-core, and least suitable is hardwood. When veneering is done on flexible plywood materials, it is advisable that the lamination of a MDF of 1/8" size when applied on top surface give the entire structure more stability (MDF of 1/8" size can turn till near to 2' - 3' radius).

Veneered baskets require personal attention as they are more susceptible to getting distorted easily due to atmospheric changes. Veneer also can get chipped off in conditions where it is glued to hard surface before it has been given shape. Though veneer basket making isn't a common practice but its popularity is fast increasing mainly because the veneer gives the basket a shiny appearance making it affable for the rich look it gives.

Such baskets are ideal to make presents to men, gardeners, mechanics, woodcrafters; anything can be kept in this basket for gifting purpose because these baskets are very strong and then can hold heavy items easily unlike the more often used paper or card baskets. Fruits baskets too can be made of veneer basket but do remember to tell that person to take out the fruits immediately as the fruits could spoil the veneer or fruits easily. So whenever to require a strong basket remember veneer baskets provide you with an ideal solutions, such baskets are hard to locate so you might have to make it.

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