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Loan Officers Needed -Originate in all 50 states soon - No License Required!

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YOU will be in charge of your own loans and process. We have improved our business model for greater efficiency and offer unequaled satisfaction and profits for all Loan Officers throughout the U.S. STOP RELYING ON OTHERS TO CLOSE YOUR FHA LOANS!

We can easily train you to originate FHA loans nationwide and you will have the ability to share in the process from start-to-finish!

Here's What We Offer:

- Ability to do FHA, VA, Reverse Mortgages, Conventional and 203k Loans. - Originate Loans thru our Web-Based Loan Origination System (LOS) - Generous Commission Splits - Get Started in a Couple of Days - Get Paid from Origination, Discount and YSP fees - NO License Required - Originate Loans Remotely - No Need to Come Into the Office - Originate Loans in 50 states including FHA - Opportunity to Hire Other Loan Officers on Your Team and Make Additional Income - Great Training Available, including being assigned a Personal Trainer and Loan Coach - No monthly fees, this is not a net-branch opportunity.

For more information call Tony Hobbs @ 317-337-0446

Hello fellow brokers, My name is Tony Hobbs. I have been in the mortgage business for 20 years. I have operated some of the largest net branches in the country. If you been around awhile you know net branching is dying but you don't have to die with it. Call me at 317-337-0446 I have just what you have been looking for.

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