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10 Creative Fun Places to Make Love

by Julia Carter
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Whether you have been with your partner for a few years or just recently, trying somewhere new to make love next time is always a fun idea. It brings more passion to your love making and can really spice up your love life.

Maybe you have already tried various creative love making positions in bed with your lover, so how about now try a new fun place to make love together next time? It can be somewhere simple and easy at home, or outdoors - if you enjoy making things more exciting.

So here are some fun new ideas for creative places to make love...

1. In a Hot Tub

There is something sexy and romantic about cuddling and making love in the hot tub. If you have never tried it before, you will definitely enjoy this soothing and romantic lovemaking experience.

2. At the Office After Hours

It's proven that making love where you are not officially allowed to adds more excitement to the experience. It is all about the basic human rule that you want something you can't have real bad.

3. In a Car in the Woods

This is one of the other hot Love Making Places. Again this is hot and passionate, because you are outdoors in the woods with all the birds sounds and the trees around you. Not to mention you are trying somewhere new for a change - your car seat instead of your bed.

4. On the Beach

The ocean, the soothing sound of the waves hitting the shore... it is all so romantic. Just make sure you bring a wide enough blanket to avoid the sand getting in your way.

5. In an Elevator

Making love in an elevator is fun because first, you know you have to make it quick and dirty before you reach your destination floor number. Also someone may enter the elevator anytime in the middle of your fun game, which adds more to the thrill.

6. In a Department Store Fitting Room

Again, isn't it fun to make love where you know you're not supposed to?

7. On a Pool Table

Something about lovemaking on a pool table is sexy. Maybe we have learned it from the movies. Maybe some other reason. Go figure.

8. On the Hood of a Car

It is kind of similar to the idea for making live in the car, but this one is even more daring and so exciting. Because you are taking it to the next level and taking a risk of someone passing by seeing you two.

9. In the Back of a Truck Outdoors

10. In the Balcony

This is especially fun if your balcony is facing a great view - like the beach, mountains, or a field.

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