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Love-Making Techniques for a Better Relationship

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As Miss Elizabeth Barrett Browning once said, "How do I love thee?" In this day and age of sex toys, it's always best to stick to the basics. So, how indeed do we express our affection to our better halves? Like I said, stick to the basics. Flowers, chocolates, cheesy e-mails, they may be outdated and yes, cheesy, but let me tell you one thing--these sweet little gestures of love and affection never fail. Of course, variations in delivery are always welcome. You can think up on sweet things to say to her before giving the flowers. Or better yet, why not send little notes through text messaging while you're on your way to surprise her with a lovely bouquet of roses? But these romantic ideas stem from the basic course of action: How do I love thee? Well, Miss Browning, let me count the ways... in bed. There are myriads of love-making techniques that are absolutely do-able if your partner is willing. Role-playing has always been a favorite (mine as well). This way, you can release the diva in you and scream your way into blessed orgasm. Role-playing is also great if you're still working out your relationship issues. You have a chance to prove that no matter how big or how petty the issue is, you still love your girlfriend. Or why not try a little S & M? After all, it was designed to create excitement so why not give it a try? A little slap here and there to release some tension and the feel of a firm hand on your behind won't hurt. Just make sure to store up on sweet things to say to your better half to take the sting out. A special love-making technique that I store for kiss-and-make-up situations is making love with all the right ingredients, i.e. mood music, dimmed lights and all the translations of "I love you" whispered to her ears. If, however, you're not the type to be generous in words, then switch to lavishing her with sweet little licks and kisses all over her body. And while you're at it, pour on the honey or the chocolate syrup. Literally, eat her up. The most important thing is to let go of all inhibitions when it comes to sexuality. Relax and let your juices flow. Our bodies and hormones were made for coupling. Don't deny your body from the most explicit of state of being or you will wander the world full of discontent. These love-making techniques, coupled with treating your partner with the same respect as you would expect for yourself, are the ultimate gestures of love. These are the same by-laws that every successful couple abide by, and by all means, we all should as well. After all, we all want that particular brand of happiness, right? Everybody deserves to be perfectly happy with their partners however imperfect the world around us is.

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