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Can Your Lovely Beautiful Girl Squirt Her Pussy Juice?(Discover The Little-Know Secret Of Fingering)

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Before I start, I need you to understand two true facts about girls. The first fact is... not every girls actually can squirt their pussy juice, even if she is having a mind-blowing orgasm and the second is, most girls like to fake orgasm. The first fact has no reason to explain whatsoever because is just human nature that most girls can't squirt even with mind-blowing orgasm. But the second fact has many reason to explain, in fact it is...

By Far Most Guys Hated About
When Having Sex -
Fake Orgasm !
And here are some reason I personally discovered through out the years:

  • She don't want to make you feel bad about having sex with her.
  • She is tired and wanted to finished the sex session asap.
  • She doesn't seek for orgasm, she seek for only intimacy with you.
  • She fake to maintain a good relationship with you.
Well... the above two facts about girls is not to let you feel bad about them, but to let you understand it's just natural and not something you should be blame. Listen carefully: What I'm about to reveal now, is not really going to assure your lovely beautiful girl to squirt her pussy juice, but still is worth a try, since there is no harm about trying it out. Well, in order to make your lovely beautiful girl to have a mind-blowing orgasm first and squirt her wet pussy juice out second, you need to get her to relax first.

There are some techniques to making her feel relax in her sexuality mode. First, slowly kiss her, and slowly remove her clothing and at the same time remove yours too. Make sure you don't let her remove all her clothing because, if she remove all her clothing, while you are still wearing it, she will feel unbalance, and she will feel as though you treat her like a hookers. The best is...

Be As Naked As She Is !
Now lay her down the bed and slowly start to kiss her neck and down to her beautiful, soft and tender breast, but do not kiss her sensitive nipples first. Start by massaging and rubbing her breast with both hands, not just the sensitive nipples but the whole of her breast while devoting the time to enjoy kissing and licking around her nipples. Take your time to let her feel the sensation and relaxation of arousing sexuality within her. By massaging and rubbing her beautiful, soft and tender breast while kissing and licking it around, is to let her feel the love that you devote so much into her breast and this will eventually start to arouse her sexuality mode.

At this moment, try to focus her reaction. If she close her eyes, it means she is starting to feel the love and sexuality within herself. When you feel her breath is getting higher or she start to have moaning sound, slowly move both your hands down while licking and kissing her chest to her tummy. Use one of your hand to slowly rub her thigh and the other rubbing her tummy. Then slowly use your hand rubbing the thigh to move towards her pussy but do not touch her pussy yet. Start to seduce her pussy by laying your hand on her pussy hair to let her feel the warmth and comfort of your hand.

At this time, her hips may start to rise a bit and eventually you will realize, your hand even though you never move, her already wet and juicy pussy is under your palm. At this very moment, she's already in her sexuality mode which means she needs you to slide your finger into her juicy wet pussy that she wanted so badly. Now listen : What I'm about to reveal is, without doubt, a simple technique about fingering that most of the guys and even girls did not realize.

Now Is The Time
To Feel Her Juicy Wetness
In Her Pussy !
Slide your middle finger slowly into her juicy wet pussy with your finger tip pointing upwards about 45 degree and look at her reaction, if her eyes close tight and her moaning and her breath gets higher, it means she is starting to arouse her sexuality to her next level. Move in and out slowly and also dragging her juicy wetness with your finger tip pointing 45 degree upwards. With this kind of dragging of your finger in her juicy wet pussy, she will not just moan even higher, better still she might ask you to go deeper and faster as her orgasm is nearing. But before you go faster, grab her and lay her side by side close to you with one of your arms going either around her neck or grab her shoulder.

Believe It Or Not Most Girls Feel Insecure And
Are Always Shy Or Worst Afraid
When They Are Near Orgasm !
Well, this is human nature that we cannot blame them. So by putting your arm around her or grabbing on her shoulder and stay close to her, is to let her feel that she is secure and protected and also to make her feel warmth so that her blood will circulate faster towards her G-Spot. While digging deep and a bit faster, start to put two fingers in to make her moaning even higher, still dragging her juicy wetness.

At this time round, you should test her juicy wet pussy and see what kind of digging and dragging she like. For example: she might like your fingers to go round her juicy wet pussy hole or she like you to drag the wetness from below. When you test, see which fingering is best fits her sexuality mode. While you keep digging, you will feel the wetness starts to get thinner and lighter like an ice melting in your mouth. At this moment, try to dig faster, and you will see her hip lifting up higher and higher and making her couldn't stand your powerful fingering and eventually....

She Will Squirt
Her Pussy Juice Out
With Her Mind In
Sexuality Heaven !
And now you know this powerful technique, it is worth trying whenever you have sex with your lovely beautiful girl. And I'm sure, if you could make her come to this type of mind-blowing heaven-like orgasm, again I got to say...

She Will Be Yours And Yours Alone !

The Bad Blogger also known as “The Strange Kind Of Dude” is a blogger who blogs about Sexual Related Stuff from world class players in the field. You can go direct to his Sexual blog post at You may freely reprint or redistribute this article, provided the content and links are left intact !

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