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5 Hidden Secrets of Lucky People

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Lucky people have the reputation of being at the right place at the right time. That describes what most people know or notice about people who experience more than their share of luck, right? But the good news is anyone can attract more good luck. How? By following what consistently lucky people do. One of the keys is to position yourself so luck can find you. It's just that simple, but not always easy. Why? Because you still have to apply the following principles and that requires action.

If you take the time to follow these principles soon people will start calling you lucky, but you'll know the truth and soon see the proof. Yes, you'll know the hidden secrets of lucky people. First let's describe the type of person we're talking about here. We're not describing the person whose lucky once in a blue moon, but the person who people call lucky because they experience it as a habit.

Based our 3 years of research here's a few hidden secrets of lucky people.

1. They Believe They're Lucky People- But They Don't Depend On It
This means they are tough minded optimist but they don't depend on luck alone. The have the uncanny ability to take advantage of opportunity whether large or small. They attack advantages and opportunities with a vengeance and ironically people call them lucky. The key to achieving this status is to have written goals that you feel passion for, not just the type of goals you feel lukewarm about. You have to have a passion and expect to achieve them. When you expect to achieve your goals, you'll have the alertness to recognize and act on lucky breaks and opportunities to achieve them or come closer to achieving them.

2. They Have The Ability To Fail Forward
This is another trait noticed from our in depth study. Lucky people don't fear failure, they have a tolerance for risk most people don't have. But one of the hidden secrets is they take calculated risk. They have the ability to accurately calculate the risk reward ratio better than the average person when it comes to their goals. Each time they fail they learn and attack again and again long after the average person gives up.

3. They Exercise Their Lucky Break Muscles
Another trait observed in people who experience more than their share of open door opportunities is they exercise their lucky break muscles far more than most people. And how do they do that? It comes in a simple six letter word. E-x-p-e-c-t! They expect lucky breaks. Often this attitude is hard to maintain, especially when faced or globbered with failure, setbacks or challenges. That's why we call this an exercise. Why? Because the more you apply expectation to your goals the easier it becomes to do, just like any exercise.

4. They Have A Thankful, Appreciative, Grateful Attitude
I call it the T.A.G complex. Whatever the situation they find a way to be thankful, appreciative and grateful. This is not always easy to do, but the rewards are noticeable and long term. In addition to experiencing better luck, people who apply the T.A.G principle worry less, experience more peace of mind and are happier. A simple but powerful way to benefit from this principle is to make a count your blessings list. Get a journal and write at least one thing your thankful for each day, however small. This is a practice many influential people have used. For example, Oprah Winfrey, Deepak Chopra, Denzel Washington and Suzie Orman, to name a few.

5. They Pay Attention To Their Hunches
This is one of the fundamental traits that help attract good luck. Having a well developed hunch generator so to speak. You can't always force what's called a hunch, but when they come you have to pay attention to them. You have to know when to follow hunch and when not too. Analyzing them with accuracy can only come from experience, that means examining available facts, mentally listening for hunches and acting.

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