"Make Love- passionate love"
by boris Tomson
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Make Love- passionate love

Once you realise that it is time to express your love to your dream girl or boy, you probably feel quite nervous and scared at first time. This was always one of your passionate love dreams.Woman Making Passionate Love Resources gives you the information about how to make passionate love with a man or woman.

Passionate love making positions can drastically vary from top to bottom, under and over, diagonal, horizontal, vertical, sideways, and it goes on and on. You can basically choose or create your own favorite love making positions by simply applying the following 3 Tips:

1. Seek out psychological pleasure when performing passionate love making positions. What turns you on both physically and psychologically? Many times it is the visual sight of seeing your partner in a certain position or configuration that is a major, major turn on. This depends on individual, but focusing on your psychological turn ons can create winning love making positions time and again.

2. For a passionate love making position to be both effective and pleasurable you must make sure you focus on comfort. It's a simple yet strong element which can make or, sometimes literally, break, any passionate love making position. Individual consideration such as susceptibility to back pain, standing or kneeling preferences over lying, and so forth, should be focused on as well. But overall, establish a general sense of comfort and you can't go wrong.

3. Pick a position where your able to "stay in the groove", or "maintain". Maintaining refers to the ability of both partners being able to maintain there pleasure levels until orgasm arrives. This probably falls more on the male who may have a preferable love making position that allows him to "remain in the zone" until it's time. But this also applies to the female where a particular passionate love making position may be hard to maintain pleasure throughout.

The key is to discover and create a handful of erotic and effective love making position that includes a strong amount of the above three elements. If one fits one partner better than the other, then it is very important to take turns engaging in the desired .For a complete illustrated list of the best passionate love making positions, visit to http://loveheartsgirls.blogspot.com

preferential positions.

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Make Love

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