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With costs increasing in every area of your life, wouldn't it be great if you could make money with something you enjoy doing, like writing? You can - discover how in this article.

There are many ways you can make money writing.

The simplest way is to write articles for the many Web sites which purchase articles online. With several steady clients who rely on you for a flow of article content to their sites, you can turn an hour or two a day into a great part-time income.

So how do you get started? Here's how.

How To Get Started Writing For Money

Pick a topic you know something about, and for which you've seen advertisers online. For example, let's say you're a parent, so type "parenting" into a Web search engine.

Click on several sites, and take note of the advertisers on those sites - yes, the advertisers. Advertisers show you that money is being made in that space, and where money is being made, writers are required. Write down the names of the advertisers, and visit their sites.

Now write three articles, of around 500 words, on any topic in the parenting niche - pregnancy, babies, toddlers... you choose. These articles are your writing samples. You'll offer them as examples of your writing.

Because you're just starting, these articles may each take you an hour or more to write; over time, you'll become faster, and will find that you can write an article in half an hour or less.

With your articles done, you're ready for the next step.

How to Get Paid For Your Writing

You can sell your articles in various ways. The easiest way is just to sell them to one of the many sites which advertise for "content." Now, although this is easy, you won't make much money this way.

To make a steady part-time income, you need to be proactive. Approach some of the sites you've studied in the topic area you chose and introduce yourself as an article writer. Remember, if there are advertisers, money is being made, so unless these sites have staff (some do, most don't) they buy articles.

Set up a small Web site, so that you can advertise your articles for sale.

You may need to approach several sites before you find a buyer, but that's fine. Once you have one buyer, approach more sites.

Before long, you'll have a collection of sites for which you write and will be happily turning your writing passion into cash. You can make money writing - start today.

You can make money writing on the Web. Angela Booth's amazing new membership program "Sell Your Writing Online NOW" Training Program shows you how. The training gives you everything you need to develop a complete high-income home business. For free weekly writing tips, subscribe to Angela's Fab Freelance Writing Ezine and receive "Write And Sell Your Writing: The Power-Write Report" immediately.

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