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Making $100,000 A Week In Internet Marketing?

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For many people in Internet marketing, earning $100,000 per year is a goal. Many choose that goal because it's more than what most people that they know earn, and it's also a significant milepost. It's a very worthy goal, but also one that I think practically anyone can reach.

I see earning $100,000 per year as so easy that I put together a little project to demonstrate not only that it could be done in a year, but that it could be done in a week.

Many people in the Internet marketing arena are very skeptical, and don't believe that it's possible to reach such lofty goals. They don't believe the "gurus" who tell them that it IS possible if they just take the right steps.

Yes, there is a lot of hype in the Internet marketing arena. However, there are also a lot of top earners teaching exactly what they are doing. All one has to do is really listen, and then APPLY what they are teaching.

To demonstrate how EASY this is to my audience. I decided to publicly earn the magical six-figures not only in a year, but in a week. At the time of writing this article, I had not done this. I'm writing this article on Sunday, February 26th, 2006. On, Sunday, March 5th,2006 I'll share with my audience proof that I actually did it.

So that you can watch this seemingly miraculous feat unfold, I'll share with you HOW I'm doing it.

It all started with my daughter announcing that she's getting married in a few months, and that she wanted a NICE wedding. That triggered the idea of paying for the wedding with lessons learned from some of the dozens of Internet marketing courses that I've read over the past year.

If what these gurus teach is accurate, then I only need to apply a few of their techniques, and I'll earn the $100,000 in only a week.

The concept that I decided to put to the test was "the fire sale." In my circles, a fire sale involves selling a valuable package of items so cheaply that people rush over to your site to buy. If the package is really a bargain, it becomes irresistable, and a HUGE percentage of your website visitors will buy.

To test the concept and show how easy it is, I put together a package of software, courses, ebooks, and resale rights products worth over $4800. I bundled all of this up, and decided to offer it to Internet marketers for less tha $50. At that price, anyone who needs any one of the items in the bundle would be crazy not to grab the whole package.

I should point out that to make the package really valuable, I commissioned two unique pieces of software to include in the package. This prevented people from questioning the value of the package, since they know it's not just worn out products that have been around for years.

I rolled a number of principles into this sale to guarantee its success.

One technique that I incorporated was "reason why advertising." When you do something out of the ordinary, such as having a sale, you need to give people a plausible reason why. Otherwise, they are skeptical and less likel to buy. They begin to wonder "what's the catch?" My reason why is my daughter's wedding.

A second technique I employed is leverage. My email list is HUGE, but I knew that if I could convince just a few other large list owners to do a mailing, for a percentage profit, then I'd be virtually assured of reaching my goal (and proving my point). So I emailed, or called, about 40 Internet marketers that I knew well, and asked them to do mailings for me. They ALL said yes :-)

One reason that they all said yes is that I'd actually gotten to know many of them, and we are friends. I attend about 15 seminars a year, and that's where I often make those connections that I've leveraged for this project.

Getting to know potential JV partners, and perhaps even doing favors for them, before asking them for a favor, is akin to "digging your well before you're thirsty." It works.

The final technique that I used in this experiment, that I'll share with you today,is that I created an event. Actually, I created two events. My audience will watch closely to see if I reach my $100,000 goal. Many will also watch as I plan and then go to my daughter's wedding. Sharing both of these events with my audience builds connections,and also makes them look forward to future articles and future issues of my ezine.

So now the challenge has been issued. After you witness how easily I use techniques, that YOU already know, to generate an easy $100K, then I'll expect you to pull off something similar. It doesn't have to be in the same way - you know dozens of ways of doing it. I'll point out some of them in future articles.

If you want to check out the very simple website that I'm using to generate this kind of moola, it's: I'll also share my results with you on my blog at:

Willie Crawford has taught thousands how to build successful online businesses since late-1996. His membership site contains over 40 interviews of leading online marketers sharing their views on "How To Break Into The Internet Marketing Inner Circle." You can access those powerful and shocking interviews at:

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