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Making Secret Compartments

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Almost everyone wants to conceal something. Normally, that something is of great sentimental or monetary value, like precious collection of jewelries, large sum of money or even a gun for self-defense. There are many places in your house where you can conceal these important things. All you need to do is to find out how to create secret compartments with some of the basic materials. Making a book safe is easy, just follow the steps below.

Materials Needed

Brush Glue Pencil Ruler Plastic food wrap A thick, hardbound book A straight edge knife or a box cutter


1. Pick a thick hard bound book.

2. Pick a small number of front pages and fasten them to the front cover of the book with a plastic wrap. The pages will stay whole except for the last one. It will also serve as the cover to the secret compartments to make the book like an ordinary one.

3. Prepare a solution by mixing the water and white glue. Make sure of the consistency of your solution so that it would be easily absorbed by the book.

4. Seize together the left over pages that you have not chosen. Apply the glue solution to the edges to make them join together. Let the book dry for about fifteen to thirty minutes but first, insert a piece of plastic food wrap in the middle of the previously selected pages and the glued pages to prevent them from joining together. Apply some pressure by placing a heavy load on the front cover.

5. After letting the glue dry, open the book to the first glued page. Use a pencil and a ruler to draw a border of about one half inch within the boundary on all sides of the page.

6. Use the box cutter and the ruler to cut along the interior of the marked border. Make sure to make the cut as straight as possible. Cut a few pages at a time and don't hurry in finishing this step to prevent the interior edges straight and smooth.

7. With the use of a brush, apply the edges of the book with a glue solution. Allow the solution to be properly absorbed by the pages of the book then apply a second layer coating to the edges of the book.

8. Apply a glue solution to the book frame. Make sure to fix the saved page on top of the frame.

9. Let the book dry for fifteen to thirty minutes.

10. Trim edges of the interior of the hole and apply final coating of the glue solution.

11. Return the book to the bookshelf.

You can now use the hard bound book to store coins, money, gun or other souvenir.

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