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Mental Illness Recovery and Carers Coping Strategies

by Kaye Dennan
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Carers coping to look after a family member with a mental illness struggle on a daily basis. Learning strategies to cope benefit the carer, and ultimately the family.

A recently released ebook "Managing Mental Illness -- Coping Strategies for the Carer" gives practical advice on caring for a person with a mental illness, coping strategies and a very good insight into Recovery. The ebook takes a positive view of caring (also knowing from first hand experience that it is far from a 'bed of roses' most of the time).

Whilst caring for a mentally ill family member, a carer can often lose sight of the fact that quite a large number of those with the illness can actually 'recover'. The level of recovery will vary for each person, but ultimately to be able to bring about a situation where someone with a mental illness can live semi independently would probably be the initial goal. From there, it will be up to the person with the illness to take their recovery on further to better their own lives.

At the first outset, a family is usually devastated with the diagnosis of a mental illness. It can be quite a massive learning curve from accepting the fact, then learning how to care for the loved one and keep a balance on family life.

Many carers say that "caring for a mentally ill loved one is the hardest thing that they have ever had to do". There are so many complicated issues to deal with, and so few people to help in these situations.

Carers need to learn how to take back control of their life for the sake of their own health, and to also have a more stable influence on their loved one. Until the person with a mental illness can take responsibility for their own illness (sounds hard, I know), the carer is the pivotal point of their becoming 'well' again.

The author of this ebook is a carer of 10 years for a son suffering from schizophrenia and has also had 3 years as a facilitator of a carers support group. The help and advice in the ebook has been gained from experience and from experiences of her fellow carers.

Kaye Dennan, author, has a lived experience as a carer of a son with schizophrenia and has been involved with many families in similar circumstances. The ebook is written with a view to helping carers. For more information go to

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