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by Richard L
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If you have ever through mental illness, you would know how tough life can get. It seems as if life and its joys have got eclipsed by sorrow and melancholy and based on the level or type of illness, people face lots of problems in coping with life. This is also accompanied by an acute sense of loneliness and despondency, almost as if no one cares. The feeling of loneliness and desperation is accentuated for those who have hardly anyone to love them, even as lots of people have reservations dating a person with a history or instances of mental illness in the past or the present. This is precisely why has been launched as a perfect dating site for people suffeing of mental illness. This is a site that caters to the unique and the piquant, indeed sometimes poignant needs of people with mental illness issues. There is a growing realization that people with mental illness also have feelings, needs and desires. They would like to love and be loved in return, just like anyone else. The reality of coping with mental illness should not rob them of the joys of love, intimacy, friendship and the like. Indeed, it is well recognized that love and affection, concern and caring can infuse a new sense of life and a joie de vivre (zest for living) in those who have lived in the gray shadows of mental ill health. is a site that allows people with various types of mental illness to post their profiles online, just like any other dating site would. People can then interact and date those who fancy, such that it can lead to wide open possibilities of forging new friendships and indeed love among those who get together by using these unique sites. The site also has many advanced features like browse, filter based search as well as chat and other forums to help users connect with people out there. This site also has many cool features like help with making your profile as well as video upload facility that makes it possible for folks to get online and connect with so many others out there. If you would know, it is quite true that you can even categorize your friends on the site based on your preferences and needs. With it is so much easier to get in touch with like-minded people of the opposite sex that may click with you in terms of attitude, outlook and desires.


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