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Mike Mezak Joins Numis - What Does That Mean To YOU?

Mike Mezak Joins Numis by David M. Wood
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The Numis Network has been creating some serious buzz online and also in the offline Network Marketing community since it's launch in August of 2009, and masses of people have been resonating with a simple message of creating wealth through the power of Collectible Assets.

Whenever entering in to an industry where you're planning on creating a BUSINESS, you need to consider a few things - including market size, competition, sustainability, and the leadership of the organization that you're looking to expand or create.

The Numis Network is an opportunity that is wedged dead center in the middle of two $100 billion market sectors - the industry of Numismatic collectible coins, and the industry of Network Marketing. Previously, I've written articles about the MLM leadership of Numis, but remained fairly silent on the power that Mike Mezak lends to the organization. The simple reality is that with Mike on board with the company, we have the man LEADING the sales in a massive multi-billion dollar market sector with no dominant market leader taking more than 20 years of direct selling experience into this company.

From an INDUSTRY perspective, because of the combined experience of 60 years of MLM leadership, and the fact that the Number1 Numismatic salesman in the world have combined knowledge to create a market leader in an un-competitive market sector - the Numis Network is poised for a kind of growth that few Network Marketing companies have been able to experience in the last 60+ years in this industry's history.

I like to think about it from a 'Network Marketing' perspective however, because personally - I didn't get involved in MLM to be a coin salesman, I got involved to build a massive organization of 100,000 ACTIVE distributors on an autoship.

For the distributors in the company, the key to building a team that expands into the thousands, and hundreds of thousands is having a simple ability to take the ability to sell the products and the opportunity into the hands of the average person.

Think about it from this angle - what's easier - learning thousands of years of history, studying sales tactics, and learning how to be a guru - or sitting down with someone and playing a sales video from someone who sells $100 billion per year of your product?

Obviously - playing the video. Mike Mezak brings the POWER of the world's greatest Numismatic salesman into the hands of the everyday, part time distributor - giving us the chance help a new distributor have success before they even know anything at all about the product or how to sell it.

Why is that important? Because we're doing this to grow a MASSIVE business and have time freedom, and the only way of doing that is by taking the skills of 'Gurus' like Mike, and replicating them into the hands of thousands of average people all around the world.

What Mike Mezak really does for The Numis Network, is he gives you, as a leader in this industry, the power of LEVERAGE.

Mike Mezak joining Numis definitely adds credibility to the organization and is going to aid in the long term success of the company - however, if YOU want to build a Numis business, it's more about just the company. If you want to learn how to build a MASSIVE MLM business, visit David Wood's Numis Network Training now.

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