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Milf hunters - men who love horny wives and sexy moms

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We have popular culture to thank for inventing the term Milf (mother I'd Like to fuck) and making older women seem so much sexier. Popular television programs like Footballers wives and Desperate Housewives often shows rich and sexy older women having sex with the well toned and much younger pool or garden boy. Who can forget Gabrielle from Desperate Housewives hot sex with her underage gardener John?

You even get popular songs like: "Stacey's mom" by Fountains of Wayne that is about a boy who wants to have sex with his friend Stacey's mom. If you look at the song's lyrics it is easy to understand why more young men are falling for Milfs: "Stacey, do you remember when I mowed your lawn; Your mom came out with just a towel on; I could tell she liked me from the way she stared; And the way she said You missed a spot over there."

The original Milf hunter has to be Finch from the American Pie movie that had sex on a pool table with Stifler's mom. He instantly became a cult hero with many young men looking through different eyes at their friends' moms. Other movie's that promote Milf sex are Prime where a 23 year old boy has sex with a 37 year old divorcee played by Uma Thurman and The Jane Austen Book Club where a student is attracted to us older French teacher. The movie Prime does make a very valid point about Milf sex and why it is so popular. The two main characters in the movie are both in their sexual prime the Milf hunter being in his early twenties and the Milf being in her late 30's. Milf sex has to be the hottest sex around because you have two very eager adults wanting to fuck each other.

In the popular TV series "Ugly Betty", hot Milf Wilhelmina Slater complains to her gay assistant Mark that she is tired of competing with younger, hotter women. This is a lie because ten minutes later Wilhelmina is enjoying the company of younger and very attractive men who probably took sneaky picture of her an uploaded it in a Milf gallery.

Many older women like Wilhelmina believe that they constantly have to compete with younger generations of women. What they don't realize is that their age and matureness contributes to their sex appeal. It also helps that the Milf is sexually mature and knows all the tricks in the book while the Milf hunter is an eager student who wants to learn everything about sex. Milfs are very confident in bed and very good at having orgasms. A Milf will also try different sex positions and kinky stuff like role-play or S&M games. That is their unique selling point and what makes them a Milf.

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