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The Fun Of Mudding Videos

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Growing in popularity is the once backwoods sport of mudding. Sometimes known as mud racing and mud bogging, this off road sport is becoming more popular in both the United States and Canada. As the name indicates, mudding is the sport of racing vehicles through mud. In each race, the winner is determined by the distance of the course completed. This exciting sport has become a sensation and mudding videos are available for purchase.

The racing vehicles compete in some of the most extreme courses and conditions. These vehicles are almost always four wheel drive to no surprise. If more than one person finishes the entire course, then the winner will be determined by the time it takes to finish.

Dragster style vehicles with a rail design are often used. These are usually either a class V or VI racer. The difference in the classes is only the tires. The VI class is basically a sand tire that has paddles on it for traction while the V class has notches and grooves cut into it for traction in the mud.

Mudding engines are sometimes supercharged with nitrous oxide tanks to give racers an extra boost through the mud. Mudding vehicles were often times just modified trucks and SUV's. The suspension was modified by raising it and the special tires were put on to help with the traction in races. In the late 1980's, sanctions on vehicle construction began to be implemented, making the racing vehicles more evenly matched.

The best thing about mudding videos is the up-close action without the mess. You can watch all the mud slinging races from the comfort of your home. Since tracks come in all shapes and sizes, there is always a wide variety of exciting races. From a short, one hundred fifty feet track to a much larger three hundred foot track, not only does the length of the track vary, there are also holes, hills, pits tracks and open bogs, all for your viewing pleasure.

Not only are there a variety of tracks to watch, but every type of track has a type of car best suited for it. For an example, hills and holes best accommodate the four and six cylinder street cars. And as a general rule, the bigger the class, the bigger the tire. A compelling thing about the videos is what you can learn about the actual sport from watching them. You can get up close and personal with the vehicles as well as the drivers.

For a time, the MNRO or National Mud Racing Organization sanctioned the races. In 2008 a new group formed, creating a point system for the races. Winners earned points for their races and in the end of the season, the winner received the big prize. However, there are many people who have shied away from the organizations and prefer the raw sport of mudding. This is what makes mudding videos so exciting, the raw styles of racers and their races.

Mud bogging is becoming the past time of rural America. There are man mudding videos being made to document this popular sport. If you prefer organized events or just spending the day down at the local mud bogg.Mudding videos offers all types of vehicles.

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