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Nasofix Product Review: Does Nasofix Works?

by Miranda Stevens
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I stumbled upon a product called Nasofix a couple of weeks ago. It is a device made that looks very weird I should say. It looks like a nose clip with a shiny silver color and a transparent silicone at the tip. The company says that this small piece of device could alter the shape of the Nose in just 10 days. Nasofix claims it could fix the following nose problems:

1. Big nose 2. Wide nose 3. Dorsal humps 4. Big nostrils 5. Bumps on the side of the nose 6. Nasal bridge regression 7. Flat nose 8. Long noses to make it short 9. Droopy noses 10. Bulbous, globular noses

Seems good to be true right? Out of curiosity and having a big, wide and bulbous nose myself I gave it a shot. It arrived exactly 20 days ago. The product came from Singapore and it tracks via Singapore Post. Though I noticed the manufacturer is from Switzerland having researched the product thoroughly. I even checked their Swiss office using Google map as well as their Singapore office just to make sure they are the real deal.

What to expect during use:

Slightly uncomfortable during the first 3 days. The silicone emits heat though its not painful. Redness is also seen after you removed the device. I am placing the device for 20 minutes thrice a day in my case. Sometimes, If your face is oily, the product slips so better wash your face first before placing the device.

After 20 days:

One word: WOW! really, my nose slimmed down and the tip became very well defined. The circular tip is gone and was reshaped into a classy defined tip. The wide bridge also narrowed and my circular nostrils became elliptical which is so much better.

Did it have an effect similar to surgery?

I really do not know since I do not know what surgery can do to my nose type but all I can say is I am very pleased with the result. The result is permanent once you used it for a month or so I need to use it for another 10 days.

Would I recommend it?

Yes, definitely 100 percent positive. It works, their customer support is great, the product is very easy to use and it gives results. Not to mention they have 2 month money back guarantee so there is absolutely no risk at all purchasing Nasofix.

You can check out their website at

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