"The Best Way For Humans to Poop"
by River Hanson
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How to Poop Naturally

The truth is that most of us in the Western world are not having "complete" and natural bowel movements. We are not pooping correctly and this has led to various problems like constipation, hemorrhoids and other problems affecting the gastrointestinal tract. "Complete" bowel movements means to completely evacuate stool from your bowels and doing so without difficulty and effort - just a simple, full and natural excretion.

So what is stopping us from having natural bowel movements? Well, simply answered, it has everything to do with the way we sit on the toilet. The common position most people use for pooping is like sitting in a chair; feet flat on the ground and knees bent at a 90° angle. While this method is typical and there may appear to be nothing wrong with it, it is simply not the best way to empty our bowels. In fact, most common toilets in the Western world are not built to accommodate the natural position for excretion, although some toilet manufacturers have begun manufacturing and producing these special toilets.

So what is the natural position for the best bowel movements for our body? Drum-roll please - the squat! Not a typical squat; for your gym goers, think of the buttocks to ground squat, where your calves touch your thighs and your buttocks are leveled with your feet. Our knees should be elevated above our bowels and well, that seems difficult on a modern toilet now doesn't it?

What are the benefits of this squat position for bowel movements? For starters, our muscles in our bottom are much more relaxed, allowing for a more relaxed lower body physiology and a more natural, and free flowing expulsion of our stool. As an added perk, bowel movements in this position are also much less messier and require less wiping from toilet paper.

This position can be achieved on a modern toilet by simply having something to elevate your feet on while you are on the toilet. Many people prefer to use a strong box about a foot high to place their feet on, giving them that natural squat position on the toilet. Some toilets today have begun including a place for feet, typically on both sides of the toilet bowl which individuals can use to squat. Anything that is sturdy enough to support the weight of your legs is good enough to be your "poop box".

Colleagues who I have taught this technique to have told me that this position requires almost no wiping and that some with hemorrhoids have reported less to no more bleeding on their toilet paper after wiping. Friends who said they used to have constipation say there is no more need to buy tramadol for pain relief, which typically caused a lot of bloating and cramping in their abdomen.

So, please - begin having better bowel movements and poop well! Get a "poop box", anything really - to elevate your legs and put you in a squatting position. This is a technique still used in foreign countries and still is the best and most natural ways for humans to defecate.

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