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Network Marketing Blog - 8 Blog Topics Guaranteed To Suck In New Recruits

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The blogosphere as it is referred to is said to be growing at a rate of twenty thousand new blogs per day. Now I'm not exactly sure how accurate this number is but anything close is a sign that there is something special going on in the world of blogging. That said, it's time for you to put your hat in the ring and start your own Network Marketing blog.

Starting on this path is not very difficult at all and should not be a major decision in your life, just do it. It's simple, its easy and it's fun once you get started. You can start out with a basic free Blogger blog by visiting This is the easiest of all to set up and can literally be done in less than five minutes.

Okay, no that you're set up you need to have some Network Markteting blog related content to get you off on the right foot and get people interested in following you. There are several topics that you can discuss but you want stay relevant to your industry, company and most importantly, YOU. Here are a few topics you can talk about on you blog to get you started:

- Network Marketing history - Network Marketing in the new millennium - Internet Network Marketing - Personal Development - Your companies product or services - Prospecting and recruiting tips - Downline Training and Support - Your Network Marketing experiences

As you can see there are several topics and sub topics you can discuss on a Network Marketing Blog that will keep your content fresh and relevant. Be sure that you post at least two to three times per week and have fun with it. Stay consistent and watch your contacts and business grow by leaps an bounds.

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Kylon Trower is an expert internet marketer and coach and has enjoyed the freedom of working full time from home for over eight years.

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