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New Ways to Pay for Breast Augmentation

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It is often said, "Looks aren't everything," and many people agree "they sure do help!"

Yes, looks, beauty and a woman's figure help some women feel better about themselves, and that confidence and self esteem really radiates to all aspects of their lives. From relationships breast implants are generally reported to improve attraction and the sex life.

To job prospects the reality is that a better figure does sometimes give one woman the edge over another for a possible job. Some argue it's the confidence from a woman who has had breast augmentation that projects and gives her the advantage. But the real question is, how to pay for breast augmentation surgery?

* Pay for the procedure with cash:

Paying with cash is a great way to pay for surgery. Saving your money for breast augmentation is always a great recommendation. This process is a little slower than credit, but it does allow you time to consider all of your options for breast augmentation (surgeon, implant size, shape, implant placement, etc.).

Saving the cash can be furthered by eating out less often, buy nothing unless it's on sale, banning shopping by catalog or online, and set up a "boobs" savings account to stash all of your cash. What if you have had your consultation and have decided all of those things, but your savings account isn't ready?

* Pay with credit card:

Paying with a credit card is instant gratification. You have had your consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon and discussed all options, made decisions for size and shape and more, and you're ready. A credit card is the quickest, easiest way to get the procedure done.

One of the main pitfalls of using a credit card can be how you pay on the balance due. If you historically pay only the minimum payment required, you may be paying for your new breasts for many, many years. If you have a very real, self-imposed, payment plan and can stick to it for using your credit card, then plastic may be the way to go for your plastic surgery!

* Pay with a credit program:

Most plastic surgeons offer plastic surgery financing from reputable lenders. These lenders specialize in financing for cosmetic surgery and procedures, and they will work with you to determine the best interest rate they can make available. This kind of loan program will also give you a set amount due each month for a pre-set number of months. A credit program is a structured payment plan that may work better for some.

Whatever payment you are able to work out that is best for you, always be sure to consult with an experienced plastic surgeon. An experienced plastic surgeon will always discuss all of your options thoroughly, listen to your goals, and offer realistic expectations for surgical results. Breast augmentation or any plastic surgery procedure should not be decided on quickly. You should do thorough research online at reputable websites and discuss our findings with your doctor.

In Houston, breast augmentation with Dr. Bob Basu is surgery with a breast surgery specialist. For help in your decision making, Dr. Basu offers information and before and after pictures of real patients online at

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