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No Credit Check, Semi Truck, Big Rig Truck, Over the Road Truck Financing

by J.M Luna
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Here is an update on no credit check financing and leasing programs on semi trucks, big rig trucks, over the road trucks, tractor trailers, 18 wheeler trucks. Many owner operators and company truck drivers have poor, marginal and bad credit for various reasons. There are semi trucks financing and leasing programs available which willn't make a decision on your credit, but on your references and other mitigating factors.

In today's economy,lenders, the trucking industry etc is in a bad position. There are many drivers out of a job, new students obtaining CDLs, some fleets, in niche markets, are drying a way to expand and financing is a big road block. Companies are either over extended, not making payments on time due to various economic reasons, or just right frustrated which way to go.

The economy is created this large secondary market of off lease semi trucks whick must be moved. The lenders/dealers cash flow and staying in business depends upon a movement of these over the road trucks . . .

Here are some basic requirements to qualify for these programs, remember they aren't all the same: Front Money would be between $4000- $6500 depending upon the sem truck selected

Addtional Requirements in the following related blog...Check it out, It might change your business life

Rick has over thirty years in financing, this involves leasing, working capital and hard asset money loans, and also commercial lending

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