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The pace at which the media is going online, news is the area which would benefit the most when it is online. With something new happening every other minute, breaking news becoming a daily issue, with updates and alerts which require something more than the traditional media network, it is the time that the news gets online. Every time there is breaking news it is posted online for the internet users to stay in touch without any effort to do the same.

The best way to access information and stay updated with all the latest up-to-the minute news for an average internet user is online news. It saves them the hassle of buying the newspaper or turning the television on or tuning the radio to access news.

There are numerous user interactive tools available for the online news sites. These interactive tools don't cost you anything but offer you feature like polls, online voting features and more. There is also option for the audio and the video news online. Such integration of the text, audio, video and the text news makes the online news an integration of print, television and the radio and no less than a proper substitution for the same.

One for all and all for one is what online news calls for.

Online news providing websites also offer you features which would help you get the alerts and the updates on phone. All the latest news, headlines, front page news, breaking news and minute to minute updates on the sequential news is provided in the form of alerts for the subscribers to that feature.

Personalized news is what distinguishes the online news from the rest. It enables you to get the news that you want in more user friendly manner which is tailored according to your requirements and specifications.

The competition to make the news more attractive is lesser in the online world, considering the fact that it is simpler in most ways than the print media. The print media requires you to come up with innovative ideas every other day to stay afresh in the emerging competitive market. Comparatively, in the online news market the competition to stay new is less.

The online archive is the feature which marks the online news from the traditional news pattern. You can access the archive news of any particular date online. Sometimes the search is enabled with the search query. In the search query you can type the top story or the headline you want to search the news about and it gives you the entire news from all the dates accordingly. Such user friendly access to information is rarely found in the traditional media with minimal amount of discomfort.

These are just few of the advantages which the online news offers you. There are advancements often with the technology enhancements happening every other time which makes all this interesting commerce to deal with.

Most of the times the best brands of Print media have their online news section like the Washington Post, New York Times, South China Morning Post (SCMP) for Hong Kong News.

Chris Williams is reporter and loves writing about online news and upcoming online sectors and updates on Hong Kong News

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