"Sunflame Gas Stove Price"
by Virendra Ahuja
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Sunflame gives you the best and quality products when it comes to home appliances. They have some of the international quality technology that makes the product the best in the market. The Sunflame have brought about a revolution in the field of gas stove products too. People are now ensured with great quality for their money and products that last and last. Given below are some of the Sunflame gas stove products with their best prices that are complete with their best features.

The two burner Sunflame gas stove supreme SS comes with 2 burners and a warranty of 2 years. It is an ISI marked product so you can rely on this product and can ensure safety for you and your family. The features of this gas stove are the sturdy stainless steel body that is sturdy enough to last longer. You get brass 3 rows of burners. The drip trays for this gas stove are sturdy and work well. Sunflame price of this model is Rs. 2,290.

Another great model from Sunflame is the 3 burner Spectra N that comes at a price of Rs. 4,490 and is a good performer. If you look at the general specifications you will find the 3 burners with 2 year warranty for this model and a dimension of 73.5x40.0x10.0 w x d x h. The main features of the Sunflame are the aesthetically built stainless steel body which gives a sturdy look in addition it has a super bid burner along with four rows of flame so that you can cook faster and comprise of brass material. You will also find drip trays with it. You will also find a big gap in-between the burners.

The Sunflame gas stove 4 burner Spectra DX quadra is another gas stove but with 4 burners. It has an individual pot support and is quite convenient to use. The Sunflame price of this model is Rs. 5,290. The gas consumption is super big burner -- 234 g/h -- 2546 kcal/h, the big burner -- 177 gm/hr -- 1930 kcal/hr and the small burner -- 143 g/h -- 1555 kcal/h. Shop online for the Sunflame gas stove as you can take a look at the price for all the types of gas stove before purchasing one. You will also find reviews for all the models of the Sunflame gas stove. The sunflame offers attractive prices for their gas stoves and are good performers as well regarding the safety for you.

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