"Life without Paper"
by Michelle Anne Leah Custodio
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Could you imagine life without paper? Could you see us progressing through generation after generation by writing our messages in the cave walls? Do you think we could develop these modern computers and reach the age of modern technology without paper? Do you think we could have all of those wonderful infrastructures if not because of our good old paper?

The paper makes so many great things in the past, present and eventually in the future possible. Without the invention of the paper, there can be many things that is lacking in our lives right now. We may not even be as civilized as we are right now and we may also lack enough knowledge on how we can survive in this world. Without paper, we can't possibly know if there is a typhoon or even earthquake is coming. We could not be any more prepared in the event of these natural disasters.

Our education would also be very limited if paper was not invented. We could not have any history since there is no medium by which our ancestors could have written their story. Their wit and wisdom would not be pass on from generation to generation if there is no paper and we would only rely to oral tradition. The invention from other countries could not reach the whole world just because we have no means to get our message across. We would not know that a war is already ongoing in other places because we don't have any paper. And without paper, there would also be no television sets and other forms of media.

Without paper, we wouldn't have any of the computers that we have right now. Above all, communication is greatly affected without paper. People would have to go through the hassle of going to the person concerned just to get his or her message across. From letters to the development of social networking sites in the internet that facilitates real-time and reliable communication, all of which will be non-existent if paper was not invented.

Also without paper, we could not plan carefully each time we decided to put up a tall building that can serve as much residents and offices alike. We can't also build durable and steady bridges that can help people transport from one place to another. Without paper, we cannot also imagine how we can come up with this national highways, roads and other infrastructures if we can't come up with a decent blueprint for it, without paper.

And last but definitely not the least, without paper, religion couldn't thrive in this world. There is no means that these religious groups could get their message across. There is also no means that they can preserve their faith that could be seen through their scriptures. Without paper, religion can be entirely impossible.

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Michelle is a BS Mathematics student who used to work as an Advanced SEO specialist on several UK sites. Some of her published works can be seen here: http://consultants-loft.blogspot.com.

Michelle Anne Leah Custodio

Site: http://consultants-loft.blogspot.com

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