"Who is Paul Orberson and Fortune Hi Tech Marketing -- FHTM?"
by Karen Stearns
Stop Trading Hours for Dollars

One of the greatest network marketers in the industry is none other than Paul Orberson. He is the epitome of the rags-to-riches journey that surprises many network marketers. Orberson's life story represents the classic American dream and spirit that drives scores of network marketers.

Orberson's Humble Origins

There was no silver spoon in Orberson's mouth when he was born. The rich and famous aren't usually pastors of small Baptist churches in Kentucky. The Pastor of Beech Creek Baptist Church was Mr. Orberson, Paul's father. He raised his son with high morals and a good work ethic. After college, Paul Orberson started into life as a sports coach for high school teams. As Paul's family grew, financial pressures caused him to try to find other income. That's when he was introduced to Excel.

Excel wasn't much of a company when Orberson joined, and it was even less structured when Orberson decided to leave. It did, however, utilize a great strategy; network marketing. Paul took the opportunity and started to sell telephone services through Excel. Paul's first taste of success was through a few sales to friends and family.

Growing His Networking Success

With each success he worked for more success to the point he could replace his coaching income or reach even higher monthly income. The adjustment was a big one. There would no longer be a secure consistent paycheck. It was just Paul Orberson and his business-and he started working hard. This is when Paul Orberson became really poor - hungry poor. He had a family to feed, no money and this new job wasn't the immediate success he had anticipated. Paul Orberson thought he was at the end of the road. He suffered an anxiety attack that scared him and his family, but by some means, he found enough resolve to keep going. And he did.

Eventually, payoff came. After years of laying the foundation, Paul was getting payback. He watched monthly checks rise from a thousand dollars up to tens of thousands of dollars. Eventually, he was making over a million dollars a month! And he earned the million a month consistently until he become the most profitable network marketer in the history of network marketing.

Creating the Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing Powerhouse

Without money worries, Paul chose to retire at an early age, but he had ideas and dreams which gave birth to Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing. Paul's idea was to have a company not only with versatile product offerings but bona fide money for the representatives (agents) upfront. Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing (FHTM) started off selling products and services as varied and cell phone service to a rewards mall, and the representatives made bonuses right away. Orberson's ideas worked.

FHTM took off and became a foremost network marketing company. Paul continues to manage FHTM which has tens of thousands of representatives and millions of dollars of sales.

The company reflects the priorities that Orberson fashioned during his early years of challenge. The compensation plan is strong. Representatives get real payback for the energy that they pour into their businesses. In addition, Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing offers a quality product. There are no gimmicks or games.

Paul Orberson and FHTM are the success models that inspire thousands of other network marketers to take a chance and achieve their business dreams.

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Paul Orberson FHTM

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