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Pokemon episode 700 -- Action Has Gone Berserk

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Animation shows today have spread across many genres, and they are there from quite some time now. But one thing that will always remain characteristic to them is action. That is where they all started from, and that is where their heart lies.

Pokemon is a show that started this revolution of animation shows. It has always remained the flag-bearer of the animation shows, and it continues to be the face of this genre of animation. It has always been about action. Though comedy and drama have emerged as substantial parts of it, action continues to stand as its backbone. Now it is about to air its 700 episode and this one, without even an ounce of doubt, would be about action!

Watch Pokemon episode 700 "White Hot Don Battle! Emonga vs. Dageki!!" as it will continue a story that the previous two episodes had very dexterously built! The story from the last two episodes up to this one has been like this.

Satoshi, Iris and Dent enter Raimon city, and there they meet Bel. On meeting him, they come to know that Don George is hosting a tournament, and in that tournament Shooty, Kenyan, Cabernet and Langley have already entered! This was episode 698 for you.

Then came in episode 699, in which the action began through the fights that took place between these people! It shows that the first rounds are over and Satoshi who also had registered himself for the tournament has reached round two. Now there, he is put in a match against Dragon Buster Langley, who intends to play with Komatana, a Pokemon she had captured recently.

Now after all this, will arrive Pokeman 700 episode, and it will come to take the level of action to a high that has never been seen before! It will show the second round proceeding. There will be fights and more fights to follow!

Watch the upcoming Pokemon episode 700, which will be available online, to see Dent and Luke going head to head with their Pokemon! Their Maggyo and Meraruba will be put against each other! This will not be all; Iris and Kenyan will also see their Emonga and Dageki trying to outplay each other.

So, watch Pokemon episode 700 online (after its telecast), and get ready to see action in a form you have never seen before! Action truly is the essence of animation, and it feels so good to see it emerge as the ultimate driving force behind a show!

The last two episodes of Pokemon have been great. They promised of complete action and meeting their promise, out and out action was what they gave, and that is what we loved!

Don't miss Next released Pokemon episode 700. All fans should gonna Watch Pokemon 700 after it's telecast, as something going really interesting.

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