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Presidential Memorial Certificates Honor Nation's Veterans

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Citizens of the United States may not agree on many things, but most citizens as well as the government of the U.S. continue to hold the many sacrifices of our military veterans in highest regard. Because of that high esteem, and regardless of when a veteran served or the veteran's cause of death, the President of the United States will send an engraved, signed memorial certificate on behalf of their grateful Nation to any family members and friends of deceased veterans who request one.

The Department of Veterans Affairs is in charge of administering this program, which has been in effect since 1962. They prepare the certificates, which express the country's grateful recognition of the deceased veteran's service to his or her country. Each certificate bears the name of the veteran and the signature of the current President of the United States.

This certificate, which honors both the service and the memory of an honorably discharged deceased veteran, might mean a great deal to some bereaved family members. Unlike the nation's flag, which can be presented to only one family member, more than one Memorial Certificate can be provided so that all next of kin of any age, other relatives and friends of the veteran can receive one.

Because it can take several weeks from the time it is requested to the time a certificate is received, it will usually not be possible to receive them in time for an immediate funeral. However, they make exceptionally meaningful gifts for families and close friends who may be attending a memorial service scheduled at a later date. They are also especially meaningful when presented on Memorial Day or Veterans' Day.

There is no time limit for requesting a Presidential Memorial Certificate, so if certificates were not requested at the time of death they can be requested at any time.

You'll find a picture of a Presidential Memorial Certificate, a link to the short application document, and complete instructions about how to apply at The ElderCare Team:

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